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101 Dalmatian Street is a manga series written by Anttu Harlin and Joonas Utti.

This version of the series was originally published in September 2017 in the UK and then July 2018 in the US.

It was later adapted into an animated television series that first aired on March 18, 2019, with the first season containing 52 11-minute episodes and 10 2-minute shorts.

However, the episodes for the would go by a mixed order than what order the Manga was in. Some of the Manga chapters don’t get adapted and some episodes of the series are completely original.

All of the shorts of the series are also completely original.


  • Chapter 1: "Who's the Boss?" (adaptation: episode 2a)
  • Chapter 2: "Dylan's Wild Side" (adaptation: episode 3a)
  • Chapter 3: "A Dog's Best Friend" (adaptation: episode 1a)
  • Chapter 4: "Night of Fire" (adaptation: episode 1b)

Episodes Exclusive to the Animated Series[]

Season 1[]

  • "Snow Day" (episode 4b)
  • "Yappily Ever After" (episode 23a)
  • "Puppy Dreams" (episode 24)

Season 2[]


Differences between this and the animated series[]

  • Dorothy talks in the manga, and has bigger role then in the show. That wasn't in show until episode 52, where she finally said her first words.
    • Sometimes even having chapters focused on her, but in the TV series, since she didn't say a word until episode 52, most of her roles were replaced by Dolly.
  • Dante is noticeably younger in the manga, but in the series he is almost the same age as Dylan and Dolly.
  • In the manga, Cruella De Vil wants to get into making furs again long after her retirement as she happened to become a popular meme with images of her fur coats from the past many years, so she captured the dalmatian family for a new generation in order to get more popularity.
    • Also she was saved by Hunter De Vil from getting into the machine, as Cruella was doing this for a reason, and the fact that she doesn't want the incident that happened almost 60 years ago. She was still arrested for what she did however.
  • Originally, "Who's the Boss?" (titled "Power to the Puppies" in the adaptation) was supposed to be the introduction to the series, but in the animated adaptation, the producers mixed up the order. "A Dog's Best Friend" (shortened "Dog's Best Friend" in the adaptation) was originally the third chapter, but became the first episode in the adaptation.
  • Manga exclusives include Duffy, Danny, Dodie Smith and Dalton.