101 Dalmatian Street Fanon Wiki


Blaze is a oc maded for fun,i'm not a oc maker but i hope you like that.

Age:smaller than Dizzy and Dee dee


Family:all the dalmatians

Best friends:da vinci dizzy and dee dee

Likes: painting, playing with her best friends Dizzy,Dee dee and Da vinci,Diesel

Dislikes:Dolly(when she's bad with Dylan)


she's a solar, energic and happy puppy.she got a crush for Diesel but he don't feel the same cause he see she like a sister not like a girlfriend.Her favorite sister is Da vinci cause they got a lot of things in common.



Diesel is her crush but he don't feel the same.

Da vinci

Da vinci is her best friend and her favorite sister.They both love painting.

Dizzy and Dee dee

they're so cute and careful with her,and She loves spending time with they.


She don't like when Dolly is bad with Dylan.

Other brothers

She loves all her brothers and she awayls help them.

Deliah and Doug

Deliah and Doug Is her adoptive parents.