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Dakota is the sona of StrawburryDoggo. Full rights go to her, and copied art or characters will be reported. ©!!


Dakota is a pup in the Dalmatian family, born to Delilah and Doug.


  • fun
  • skateboarding
  • hanging with Dolly
  • teasing Dylan
  • rubbing Clarissa’s fur the wrong way
  • causing a bit of chaos
  • rolling in mud
  • getting dirty
  • listening to music with DJ
  • Art with DaVinci
  • partying
  • sliding down the rails like Dolly
  • going to the park
  • doing trigger words to get someone trampled


  • Clarissa and Hugo
  • people who think of her as prissy for being female
  • people who mess with Dolly, or any of her close siblings
  • Cruella De Vil
  • rules
  • Dylan’s lame books
  • Poodlewolf
  • anything with De Vil
  • being trampled by puppies
  • being pestered
  • baths
  • brushing teeth
  • most types of hygiene
  • being wrong
  • corny and or cheesy jokes
  • Being clean


  • skateboarding
  • rolling in mud
  • hanging with friends
  • chewing things
  • sleeping
  • howling to scare humans
  • getting Clarissa angry
  • listening to music with DJ


In Progress


Dakota is about Dolly and Dylan’s age, the teeniest bit younger.


Dakota, nor her family, really remember anyone’s birthday since there are so many pups. So all the pups pick a random date and write it down, and that day will be celebrated as their birthday. Dakota chose June 27.


She is adventurous and skillful, while loving to have fun and slack off. She loves to skateboard and often hangs with the Canal Crew or Dolly when bored. Dakota is a tomboy in every way, and Dylan considers her a bad influence for the pups. She thinks of Dylan as annoying, dorky, bossy, uptight, and all in all doesnt like him. But some of her siblings have a special connection to her, such as DaVinci, and she loves those ones the most. She’s also a bit egotistical and self-absorbed.


“I ain’t your prissy girl,” ~Dakota talking to boys who diss her


”Bow Wacka Wow!” ~a catchphrase she adapted from Dolly

"Oh, look! A trash can. JUST WHERE YOU BELONG!" (Clarissa)

*reply* "Naw, dog. Stick your head in there and you'll feel right at home." ~Dakota’s comeback to Clarissa.


Dylan- Dylan is like that lame nerd boy at school to Dakota, even though deep down she does care for him (kinda not really)

Dolly- Dolly is Dakota’s BFF, and their relationship are like very close sisters

Cosmo- She loves Cosmo, but is annoyed at how she seems to think as Dylan as some super cool older brother (Cosmo by me; don’t steal)

Daichi- Dakota think’s he’s boring (Daichi by me, don’t steal)

Triple D- she likes their attitudes

Dizzy- she thinks they’re adorable

Dee Dee- she thinks they’re adorable

DJ- DJ is like a cool brother to Benni

DaVinci- She loves her artistic style


Benni is asexual, meaning she is not attracted to men nor woman. She doesn’t have crushes. And she have pride 🏳️‍🌈

Physical Appearance[]

in Progress


  • Dolly
  • Dylan (the slightest bit)
  • DJ
  • DaVinci
  • Dizzy and Dee Dee
  • Summer
  • Diamond (formerly known as Duke; my OC
  • Fergus
  • Big Fee
  • Sid


  • Dolly
  • Dylan
  • Delilah
  • Doug
  • Daichi
  • Dorothy
  • Dizzy
  • DeeDee
  • Delgado
  • DJ
  • DaVinci
  • Diesel
  • Deepak
  • Dimitri Trio
  • Tripe D
  • 84 other pups


She is just called Dakota by most.

Her Canal Crew name is Daring Dakota

Stories she appears in[]

None yet, check back soon!


  • Dakota is my sona, meaning she is a version of me
  • I have been brainstorming her since I first started watching the show
  • She is the best skateboarder in Camden, even more than Dolly
  • She is part of the Dalmatian Family
  • She is ace


Casual- She doesn’t wear any clothing, except her bandana and bracelet, which she always wears (See ref sheet)

Skateboard- She wears her helmet and rides her skateboard, plus her casual outfit accessories (see ref sheet)

Winter- Dakota wears a dark teal beanie with a white puffball, and winter boots of the same color with white fluff. She also wears her bandana and bracelet.

Music- She wears her bandana, bracelet, and a pair of headphones (see ref sheet)


Well, she doesn’t really have a collar, but she has a bandana, which DaVinci designed herself

Art Gallery[]

Art by StrawburryDoggo BennirefsheetbyStrawburry.png

Benni wearing headphones, listening to DJ’s original music

Benni skateboarding

Benni featured on the cover of Ask my OC! Benni is in the middle. https://www.deviantart.com/dragoncitybro/art/ASK-MY-OC-869746468

Screenshot edit of beginning of the A Summer to Remember episode of 101 Dalmatian Street. I edited it so that Benni is disobeying Dylan. After a few hours at the Dalmatian house, Dylan is starting to HATE Benni. He claims she is a bad example on the pups and that the house was in chaos; which frankly, was pretty true. Dylan goes to Benni and tries to ask her to leave, as polite as possible, of course. Benni looks at him was a smirk and simply says "nah". LOL! After Dylan walks away, he makes his own nickname for Benni. He starts calling her 'Benni the Bastard'. https://www.deviantart.com/dragoncitybro/art/Nah-869653123

Response to @MiathePup on DeviantArt! Her question on Ask Us was to Benni. Benni has responded, lol! https://www.deviantart.com/dragoncitybro/art/Responding-to-Mal-Benni-869766430

This is what Benni looked like when she was only a bit older than Dizzy & DeeDee! She had a better haircut, which she HAS REGAINED! But no, she did not have her bandana. When she was this young she was still the cool kid, but was definitely a bit nicer and more open to others.I drew this traditionally one night, then colored it during Math Class the next day https://www.deviantart.com/dragoncitybro/art/Benni-as-a-puppy-Colored-869737247

Art by others

Fanart from @Eeveedude7890 (@PupAcademybro on DeviantArt) https://www.deviantart.com/pupacademybro/art/Benni-Gonna-Rule-GIFT-869972097