Danny is the main protagonist of his own series, titled Project Danny: Telekinetic Canine.

Bio Edit

Danny's had a lot to deal with, especially when he discovered his telekinetic powers after his family moved to London when Doug, his father, married Delilah and the two families merged. He started off being fairly strained with Delilah's side since he found it hard to accept the fact that he was going to have a new mother. He found Dylan especially hard to tolerate since he was so uptight and persistent with chores and stuff. Thankfully, Delilah is very tolerant of Danny's attitude towards her since he almost never goes over the line. In particular,r though, he gets along well with his sister Dolly, who's usually soft and caring towards him, but knows when to discipline him when he's misbehaving. Danny eventually warms up to Delilah's side of the family, and although they're not his birth family, he still has no problem acknowledging his chemistry with them.

Personality Edit

Danny starts off in season one as a spoiled brat, always wanting something huge and doing whatever it takes to get it, and throwing a tantrum every now and then in hopes to get it, even though when it comes to Dylan and Dolly, they both get past it, Dylan with disciplining Danny and Dolly with finding something to take his mind off of what he wants. I think it's obvious that Danny prefers Dolly's method. He gets less bratty in season two, and in season three he's finally accepting of Delilah's side of the family being in his life, and by the end of season four, he's reached the peak of his maturity, which carries out to seasons five and six. For the first two seasons, he struggles with his telekinetic powers, but by the season three premiere, he's mastered enough techniques with them to justify showing them off to the public. He's also not afraid to stand up to anyone in any of the seasons, regardless of their authority.

Appearance Edit

Danny is five years old in dog years, meaning he's about as small as the majority of his siblings and has black spots on his white fur like all the rest. He does get some scars here and there in the major battles, but is overall still himself, and still growing, throughout the series.

P.S. He's supposed to have a red hat, but I couldn't find any casual hats on a dalmatian puppy.

More to be coming soon.

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