Hi, im a Eeveedude and this is my sona, Daphne

Bio:[edit | edit source]

A random dalmatian (with no relation to Dylan) accidentally knocked down a trash can. Dylan heard that noise and walked out- side. He saw that the trash can fell on her. "AH!" He said with worry in his voice. He scooted the trash can off her and put her on his back. Then Dylan went back inside with her still on his back. He placed her in Dolly's bed. When she woke up she had the sausage that she tried to grab from trash. "W-where am I?" I (dont ask you know wut sona means dont you?!) said. "Um, this is my house. Then my brother yell out: "DAPHNE!! WHERE ARE YOU???!". " Oh brother..." I said. " I gotta go, ill come back later". "O-ok bye" Dylan replied

Photo's:[edit | edit source]

Love Birds.png

Appearance:[edit | edit source]

She looks a lot like Dolly, but with short ears. Their spot patterns are basically different, too. Daphne has a spot on her neck, and a big splotch around her eye. She has gray paws. And she has a spot on her knee, and spots on both edges of her tail. She also has a spot on her elbow. Daphne has a big spot on the edge of her ear. There is some more spots, but I have to get on to her outfit.

Friends:[edit | edit source]

  • Dawn
  • Dicky
  • Cam
  • Daisy
  • Dylan
  • Dolly
  • Dawkins
  • Da Vinci
  • Dizzy
  • Dee dee
  • Triple D
  • Diese
  • Dimitrie 1
  • Dimitrie 2
  • Dimitrie 3
  • Dante
  • DJ
  • Dorothy

Outfits:[edit | edit source]

Casual- She wears her bead collar

Fancy Event- She wears a itchy dress and bead collar


Boogy board- She wears her casual and swim goggles

Dork- she wears a uniform and nerd glasses

Links:[edit | edit source]

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