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Dash is a female character on 101 Dalmatian Street!!She belongs to Jane2020-2009!She has a crush on

Delgado and she is his future mate!!Please don't edit without permission!!!!


Dash was a stray from when she got lost at a rainy day from her dalmatian family! One day when Dolly,Dylan and the others went to play at the park,Delgado decided that he wants to race with Dolly!After a big race,Delgado started playing football with Dawkins!The ball fall far away so Delgado went to bring it back!The ball was in a bush and when Delgado grabbed the ball to his mouth a female beautiful dalmatian appeared from the bush and booped accidentally his nose!When Delgado saw her,he was shocked!He never saw a beautiful dalmatian like this before!The female dalmatian saw Delgado and she became red!He was pretty beautiful!! After that she told Delgado her name and he said his name too!A while later, DJ came!!!DJ saw Dash and he was shocked!She was his old BFF!He said'DASH!!!It's me DJ your old friend!!!Dash was shocked!!She went straight to hug him,,because she missed him so much!!Delgado said"Um what's going on here?"DJ replied that Dash was his real, old best friend!Dj and Delgado invited Dash to join their crew and house!!!Dash of course agreed,and she went there to meet the other pups again!Dolly was pretty excited and so was Dylan!!!They found their brothers lost BFF!DJ knew that Dash needed headphones and a new collar so they gave her new white blue headphones with yellow and orange lightnings and a white blue collar with a yellow and orange lightning!Dash thanked her friend's family and Delgado but Delgado was the only one that giggled to Dash!Seems that he has a crush on her!DJ was the first who understood it,of course!And she and her family and friends have a lot of adventures!


She is a very loyal pup and she likes sports and music!!She really cares about her friends,family and animals and humans,but she cares especially about Delgado!!!They are two pretty fast and they do races together!But after a few weeks,Delgado and Dash started sharing a romantic relationship together!Dash hates Clarissa because she is so selfish!!!Dash and Dolly are best friends and they enjoy doing daring things and listening to DJ's music and Dash's music(of course)!Dash can be very chill and she loves making music with her friend DJ!She loves napping with Delgado and of course sleeping time!She goes to park everyday and plays ball with her family and chasing Dolly and the others!Dash doesn't ever want to lose her headphones!They were given by her real parents and the headphones remind them to her!She lost them one time but her friends especially Delgado helped her found them and they did it!Dash was so glad she had friends like that!She and DJ got lost from each other when they were friends as pups~


Dash is a Dalmatian!She has two spots at the right ear and three spots at the left ear but the spots are like bolts!She has black paws and a small bolt down her eye!She has a tuff and her tail is half white and half black!She wears a white blue collar with a yellow and orange bolt on it! She wears headphones with yellow and orange bolts!Without her headphones her ears are floppy like DJ's without headphones!

About her crush Delgado:[]

At first Dash and he were just friends. That's what Dash was thinking that Delgado wanted. But Delgado wanted something more than friendship!He was going next to Dash all the time!Dylan has understood what it was happening so he brought Delgado at his tree house!Delgado said to Dylan that he has a huge crush on Dash!Dylan said that he won't say it!He helped Delgado getting more close to Dash ! But the other day something happened that will bring Delgado and Dash so close than ever before!Dash had lost her headphones!They were so important for her because the headphones were given to her from her real parents!She was afraid that she wasn't pretty any more....Dylan said to Delgado to go and talk to her!Delgado went there and said to Dash:"Don't worry Dash,we will find them!Even if we don't, you are pretty and beautiful without the headphones! Dash was shocked.No one had talked to her so good! Delgado continued::"And your parents are here.At this house!They are next to you every moment and every day!You don't need headphones to keep them in your memories!"Delgado ended his phrase. Dash hugged Delgado for his very good words.She also gave her a kiss(lick)at his cheek!Delgado was so happy!!!After Delgado helped Dash find the toy,and it seems that Diesel had dug them in the mud!Diesel said: Ummm, anyone mad with headphones?"When Delilah came she put out the headphones and Dawkins washed them with the special bath invention!Dash wore the headphones again and said to Delgado:"Delgado,I don't know what I would do if you weren't here.You are a very good pup and hope to hang out more often from now!Delgado of course agreed!After that,they started being together all the time!Dash helped Delgado get his back legs!It was not easy,but Dash wanted to help Delgado!She did it !Delgado could run free now!!Delgado thanked Dash for her very good help!Delgado wanted to show her his secret place where he goes when he has problems or he wants to think!He showed it to her,and she was surprised! It was so beautiful! It was a lake with view the mountains and trees from the other sides!There were not any cars,or dogs or cats!Or humans!Only Dash and Delgado!Dash asked where were they?Delgado replied that they were in a mountain!The only sound was the birds that were singing!Delgado held Dash's paw and said"Dash,you are the most beautiful,cool,fantastic and fast dog I've ever met.Your eyes shine like the stars and your music sounds so melodical in my ears!You run faster than a cheetah,and speak so good as a genius! You are the flower of my life!Will you be my girlfriend?Dash replied that she sure wants to be his girlfriend! After that they continued sitting at the lake and after a few months at the house Dash and Delgado decided to make a family!They gave birth to 8 pups!Melodia,Duke,Dodger,Dix, Dash(boy),Thunder,Doremi and Harmony!


  • Dawn (best friend)
  • Dolly (best friend)
  • Dylan
  • Delgado (crush and future mate)
  • Diesel
  • DJ (brother)
  • Dawkins
  • Dante
  • DaVinci
  • Dorothy
  • Deepak
  • Triple D
  • Dimitries
  • Dizzy and DeeDee
  • Fergus
  • Roxy
  • Perl
  • Summer
  • Spike
  • Hansel


  • Napping with Delgado
  • Helping
  • Delgado
  • Chasing
  • Playing with Dolly
  • Music(especially Rock and Pop)
  • Sleeping
  • Chasing after a squirrel
  • Chasing balls
  • Ice cream
  • Hot chocolate
  • Orange ,yellow and light blue colours


  • Clarissa
  • Losing her family or friends
  • Dog food
  • Delgado with an other girl
  • Wasps


  • Wasps
  • Aliens