Denna is a tomboy she does not like any thing that is fashion Denna is step sister with Dalmatian family because. her family hated her she loves drawing her step family one day she would love to paint with da vinci she loves. to be healthy and. About her crush one day dolly and Dylan where going to the park then dolly said hold that is a Dalmatian. Dylan said wait what can't be one of the pups hello my name is Denna then dolly said you need it relax Dylan said I know the pup who can help Deepak. yes Dylan meet are new ugh dolly new step sister ok relax time Denna said he is so cute I love him dolly said do you want to meet the other pups um hold on please wait he is half black Denna hugs Deepak you are a cute honey Deepak um are you ok Denna um nothing up Deepak ok dolly says denna lets meet DJ da vinci triple d Dawkins Dante and the other pups denna says sure lets go deepack says um something is wrong with her denna meets DJ she says ooh nice booty DJ says hey Denna meets da vinci she says nice paint dolly says lets meet the other pups

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