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Dice is a female Dalmatian with a number of spots on her for a ex she has 3 spots on the top of her head and two going to touch her nose. She has a ton of family members and only few have drawings to go with them. Dice is the oldest of her group. She has no siblings meaning she's a only child and her parents never really get to see there little Dice now because of this she has Depression. She hate's Demi plus it can be really wild sometimes so don't bring your dog bowl.

Collar : Dark/Deep purple with a dice game piece with a one roll or a dot on it.

Coat: most of her has White with black spots besides the one ear that's the opposite.

Traits: Moody, scared from time to time, stairs at Demi and others




Demi ( is a step sister to Doodles and Drone)

Doodles (cousin)

Drone (cousin)

Dabs ( cousin)

Dabsi (Cousin)

Dawn ( is a step-sister to Doodles and Drone)

Dasher (cousin)

Danielle ( one of the younger cousins)

Dee-Deete (Cousin)

Dee-Dea( Cousin and is spelled as day just with no y)

Dee-Jane (Cousin)