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Duchess is a supporting character from 101 Dalmatian street. She is a female american Dalmatian who was adopted by a prince and lived with him in his castle. She later met and married another American Dalmatian named Jett. She is the cousin of Delilah, the wife of Jett, and the mother of her 6 pups.


Duchess is a loving and caring mother towards her children. She is warm and helpful wife toward jett and cares for him with all her heart. Although Duchess eventually became the royal dog to America's Royal family, she doesn't take this for granted or act all superior and posh, instead she uses her title to help other animals in need.

Duchess is very sweet, and loves her owner max more than anything even going as far as to risk her life to keep him safe. Duchess is also shown to be calm and composed as when she remained calm in the face of entering motherhood. She is very knowledgeable about all kinds of animals, particularly dogs.

Duchess likes to have fun and is often seen playing games with her pups. She is also very active and is seen in the park or going for nice, long or short walks with Max. although fun-loving and Playful Duchess knows when it's time to play and joke and when it's time to be serious, something teaches her pups.

Physical appearance[]

Duchess is a medium sized Dalmatian with a sleek build. She is white, but instead of black spots, Duchess has gray spots on her body. She has bushy neck fur going around her neck. she also wears a blue collar covered in jewels. Duchess has a tuft of fur on her head which is held in a pony-like tail by a blue covered crown-like band. Duchess's tail has a flower barette on it that's purple. Duchess's paws are black and look like she's wearing gloves.


Sometime after she was born, Duchess was put up for adoption. She was soon adopted by a prince who took her home and raised her from a puppy. A few years later, a now fully grown Duchess took a stroll through the town and met this handsome Dalmatian named Jett. After getting some food from the butcher for being a good girl, Duchess took the food to Jett who ate