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Friday Night Dalmatian is a work in progress skin mod by FenrisArts (Twitter) or Fenris0604 (Deviantart and Furrafinity) for the Internet-Wide Game "Friday Night Funkin'". Before the it was named as Friday Night Dalmatian it was supposed to be other name called: "Friday Night Funkin 101 Dalmatian Street Edition" However it was change as there weren't any places to put any words for a title 101 Dalmatian Street Edition . So it was suddenly changed into Friday Night Dalmatian in other to give some ring to it for the skin mod.

Title Logo of the mod

The Title logo splatter was supposed to be purple or a blue colour however it was decided to use pink. Even though pink colour is fitting to Triple D. Friday Night was colored red while word 'Dalmatian' was white with black spots. Of course like in other game such as "102 Dalmatians: Puppies to the rescue" had that logo where numbers of '102' had white with black spots. The Style however of writing is different comparing to the Friday Night Dalmatian Skin mod logo.

Before the Friday Night Dalmatian (skin mod)[]

It wasn't the idea of making the Friday Night Funkin skin mod of 101 Dalmatian Street Characters at first. In fact the first skin that he made was his Fursona skin. It was mostly for fun and trying to kill the boredom. The other reason was some of the (small) lack of commission requests. It was nothing more than just for fun skin mod. In Fenris skin mod his fursona isn't similiar to the original Friday Night Funkin style. Due to the higlights everywhere and his eyes weren't black. So in short Fenris was drawn in original style rather than the FNF one.

The creator also putted this skin mod on FNF Week 1, 2, 3 and 5 Had some skins, except for 6 and 4. (Week 4 is more likely in development while Week 6 won't have this skin due to the fact that Fenris wasn't good at drawing pixels in this version; Here's link: https://gamebanana.com/mods/184287) He made some commissions however he was still bored. So Before that he came up with idea to make a 'Dark Demon' Skin - User from Twitter - who is also friend for Dark Demon. It was at this moment the creator thought about making a Pico Skin for Dark Demon. He made a video of Dark Demon having Rap Battle with his Fursona.


It wasn't that much of a big deal as it was purely out of fun and nothing else. After the Dark Demon was released there were some people that liked this mod. He also made Akira Tasuki skin mod which features him made by GhostWolf1988 (Who is also writer of 101 Dalmatian Street: Living Legends in London).


In menu background. There are Characters from the Show. DJ is shown making some music. On the two sides there is Dylan and Dolly holding Microphone. (Probably) For a boyfriend skin or other skin for the music. On both side there are family members of the Dalmatian Family:

On Dylan's Side:

- Delilah

- Da Vinci

- Diesel

- Dawkins

- Dante

On Dolly's Side:

- Doug

- Dizzy

- Dee Dee

- Dmitri (1, 2 or 3)

Menu Background


Boyfriend Skins.[]

At first there wasn't any skin for Friday Night Funkin. In fact the first ever made skin was creator's Fursona.