I made this story back on the Paw Patrol Fanon wiki, but was unsure weather or not I was writing the Dalmatian Street characters correctly or not. So my friend User:Starfleet-Pups suggested I post it on here to get some advice from the pure experts of the show. I've been writing this story with only knowledge from one watch through of each episode. So any advice given would be appreciated. I don't normally operate outside the Paw Patrol wikis, so this is a first.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Pups are busy doing a new mission when they discover a mysterious book. Upon examining it, their world gets turned upside down.

In another Dimension, Dylan is working with his younger brothers Dawkins... and Diesel to rearrange his space rock collection. His sister Dolly is playing hide and seek with the rest of the pups.

Eventually, these two groups will cross paths and have to work together to set things right before Clarissa separates everyone for good.

And all this while Sonic is currently trying to settle an identity crisis with himself. Why can't he just go home? Wait, which home exactly?

Characters[edit | edit source]

From Paw Patrol Side:

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[./https://paw-patrol-fanon.fandom.com/wiki/Mighty Mighty]

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From 101 Dalmatian Side:



Da Vinci







Their other family members will be mentioned or shown.


Dimitri 1

Dimitri 2

Dimitri 3

Story[edit | edit source]

Have you ever heard of multiple dimensions? If so, did you know that this story takes place in one right now? What would happen if two worlds were to converge? What the world collapse, would barriers break, would it end everyone's lives, or... is it just a casual meeting? Guess the answers lie in this untold tale, where a soul is split yet again.

This is the story of the Paw Patrol as they learn how to cope in an unfamiliar environment. Let's get started, but from another dimension first.


Dimension 24: Dalmatian Street, 7:32 P.M.

"Thanks for helping me sort my space rocks, Dawkins," Dylan said, grabbing one of the said rocks with his paw and placed it in another container. "I've been meaning to reorganize it all for a while, but... you know... chores." Dylan chuckled at his younger brother.

"It's no problem, though I am shocked a dog of your tidiness level couldn't manage these colorful assortments of minerals better than this already," Dawkins said, holding up a rock to his face before Dylan pulled it away with a swift swipe.

"Careful, this one is fragile!" Dylan barked, placing the rock in a container with only two other rocks.

"Right, apologies," Dawkins said with a smirk and tilted head.

"Dig dig, can't dig here... " A dirty dalmatian puppy said from behind with a sad tone in his voice. Dawkins leaned next to Dylan glancing back at Diesel, one of their other brothers.

"Why is Diesel here again?" Dawkins whispered.

"Remember, Diesel, hurt his paw yesterday and mom asked me to watch him and make sure he doesn't dig any holes for a few hours. I brought him up here and locked the treehouse, to keep him from escaping and doing just that." Dylan whispered with Dawkins nodding.

"Good thinking, though we'd best think of a way to keep him entertained, or he could try digging in one of your beanbags," Dawkins suggested, looking in the corner at one of the two beanbags in question.

"Tell you what, you make a solution to that problem and you can leave the rest of the organizing to me," Dylan suggested wagging his tail.

"Very well, come over here Diesel," Dawkins ordered, walking to another part of the treehouse as Dylan picked up another space rock. It had a red paw print on it as a signature. Triple D got a famous movie star to sign the rock for Dylan on his birthday. The movie star was one of Dylan's favorite movie astronauts. "One day... I'll go to the moon, Mars, and every other planet. It's my dream... " He said quietly to himself as he carefully placed the rock next to the other fragile ones.


Dimension 43: Adventure Bay 7:54 P.M.

"Okay Rubble, just move that boulder over the hole and the water should stop shooting out!" Ryder hollered to the construction pup who was riding his rig. He nodded and howled happily in reply.

"Rubble on the double!" Rubble said, making his rig push the boulder in question over the hole. This hole started shooting water at random, causing a lot of trouble at Jake's cabin. It seemed to be because of a water hose that somehow got stuck in the ground. Silver was riding in the rig with Rubble watching everything he did carefully. "So that's the button that does that."

Sonic was standing next to Rocky and Skye as they examined the hose. "How did this even happen?" Sonic asked. "It doesn't make any sense."

"Around here, you have to learn to expect the unexpected." Rocky pointed out, handing a newly fixed hose to Jake who happened to be walking up.

"No kidding. There really is no such thing as 'normal' around here. I kinda like it." Skye admitted.

"Hm." Sonic grunted.

Zuma, Marshall, Chase, and Mighty then marched up, looking exhausted. Chase was in his spy gear, Marshall was in his medical gear like Mighty and Zuma was holding his paw up with a bandage wrapped around it. He was here snowboarding with Everest and they were some of the last to find the hole... in the worst way possible. "Cold... " Zuma shivered, with a warm blanket wrapped around him as well.

"What an evening...  " Chase sighed.

"How do people get so injured from just a simple problem like this?" Mighty asked Marshall, who shrugged.

"I wish I could tell you," Marshall said, wagging his tail. "At least it's all settled down now. Everyone who was hurt is now warm, taken care of and sent home."

Just then, Rubble, Silver, and Ryder finally showed up to the group.

"Great job pups," Ryder said with a smile. "We can all head home now," Ryder said, walking to his ATV. Every pup began to walk to their vehicles too. However, Chase stopped in his tracks as his ears twitched a little. He looked to his left and scampered through the snow to a tree and looked down. Sitting half-buried in the snow was an old book. He never saw anything like it before. Without much thought he grabbed it with his mouth and rushed to his spy truck before anyone realized he was gone.

The next morning, Chase was looking at the book in the Lookout while laying on a beanbag. He hadn't opened it, but all he could do was stare at it. "What's this feeling I'm getting?" Chase asked, unsure.

"Hey, Chase, shouldn't you be at school?" He heard a voice say. Chase froze and looked over to see Skye, Marshall, Rocky, and Sonic standing there.

"Oh, right, what time is it?" Chase asked.

"Ten past eight," Rocky stated, sitting down in front of Chase, eyeing what Chase had under his paws.

"Oh man, I really am late!" Chase exclaimed. "I'd better go, see you all later!" Chase exclaimed, dashing outside the Lookout. He left the book on the beanbag, giving Rocky a chance to pull it off the beanbag with his paw and stared at it himself.

"What's this?"

"A book with nothing written on the cover?" Skye asked, now looking at it too.

"Yeah, why was Chase looking at this? I saw him with it yesterday. I don't think he's opened it. Is there a lock?" Marshall asked.

Rocky checked and shook his head. "No, I don't see one."

Sonic stared at the book and tilted his head. He thought he heard a weird voice echo in his mind as he looked at the book.

"Destati... "

Sonic frowned and popped his head and looked over at Rocky. "Um, maybe we should leave it alone. Something about it gives me the creeps. Maybe Chase shouldn't be messing with it either... "

"Nah, you're worried too much Sonic. You need to relax, nothing around here is dangerous." Rocky said with a smile and wagging tail

"Yeah, Sonic, you need to go find a good chew toy and chew on it. It helps me relax!" Marshall admitted wagging his tail.

Sonic glared at Marshall and sighed. "I don't chew on toys... I'm not a dog... " Sonic said. "Well, at least I'm not that much a dog," Sonic admitted, realizing what he said was wrong. He then frowned and sighed as his tail tucked between his legs.

"Oh, I forget, sorry for striking a nerve... " Marshall said with Sonic shrugging.

"It's fine, I should be getting used to it I guess. It's only the fifth time this week someone said something like that to me." Sonic sighed, looking away.

The four pups stayed silent for a minute before Rocky placed his paw next to the book. "Let's open it and see what it's all about. Maybe it's some picture album." Rocky said, placing his claw into the side to open the book.

"Egiunta I'ora..."

Sonic froze and turned to look at Rocky. "Um, maybe we should- "

Rocky then opened the book and suddenly a bright flash engulfed all four.

"Agh!" All four howled in shock and just as quickly as it happened, it stopped. The light disappeared and with it the pups had vanished, only the book remained, laying open in the middle of the floor with a picture of a dalmatian on the page.

Outside the lookout, Chase was heading across the bridge to head to school and skidded to a halt looking back at the Lookout. "What was that?" He said, feeling a chill run down his spine. "Maybe the wind?" He wondered, before continuing to run to school. "I'm so late!"


Dimension 24: Dalmatian Street, 8:24 A.M.

Dylan slept peacefully in his treehouse, after a night of stargazing. Dawkins had taken Diesel inside to sleep for the night and Dylan hoped his paw would be recovered by morning since he will begin digging again the moment he opens his eyes. As he slept, he dreamed about walking on Mars in a spacesuit. "One small step for dog, one giant leap for dog- "

"Agh!" *Crash*

Dylan yipped and jumped to his paws." I'm awake, I'm awake!" He barked panting up a storm in fear. He looked around and nothing seemed out of the ordinary. He was just in his treehouse. "Oh come on! Why is that quote always cut off short!? Come on brain, can't I just have my moment for one dream!?" Dylan begged and he sighed in defeat. He then tilted his ear hearing voices below. "I guess Dolly and the others are up already. "Guess it's back to chores... " Dylan sighed looking out his window to look down at what he assumed was some of his family, he was surprised to see a grey mutt, another unknown dalmatian, a cream and tan cockapoo and a black jack-rustell terrier. They all looked like they had fallen from a long fall but seemingly looked unhurt, just dazed.

"What just happened?" The cockapoo asked.

"Good... question." The mutt replied rising to his paws.

"Oh, my dog! Thieves, kidnappers, who are they!? How did they get here!?" Dylan exclaimed as he dashed back and forth in his treehouse in a frenzy.

Meanwhile, Dolly, Dylan's sister also woke up to the sound outside and looked out the house window to see the four strangers in the back yard. "Um, who are they?" She asked rushing downstairs to see these new uninvited visitors.

Upon getting downstairs, she spots a Dante and Dawkins awake, looking outside the glass door that led outside. "Dawkins, Dante, what are you both doing up?" Dolly asked as the two brothers turned to her.

"Oh, I'm up as early as possible to witness the end of the world!" The black dalmatian shouted dramatically. "I thought it was happening at this moment upon hearing that noise, but alas, it's just random dogs."

"One of my devices went off earlier indicating a strange anomaly. It's flashing lights and sounds awoke me from slumber. I came to investigate the source and spotted those individuals outside." Dawkins explained, pointing outside at the four new pups. "I'm guessing I made an intruder alarm instead of what I was originally intending for this to be. Well, it's useful, regardless."

"Well, as interesting as that all is... did you tell Mom and Dad?" Dolly asked.

"They must've stayed overnight because they still haven't returned home," Dawkins said, with Dolly sighing.

"Then we have figure out how to deal with this before everyone else wakes up for breakfast."


"Oh no... " Dante sighed, rolling his eyes.

"*Sigh* Trigger word... " Dolly said.

"Kibbles... " Dawkins finished as an army of dalmatian pups started rushing down the hallways towards them.

"Aaaaa!!!" The three shouted as the army was almost upon them.

Meanwhile, Dylan snuck down the treehouse... gracefully... yeah that's a lie. He actually slipped and fell into a bush. He had on a space helmet and was tiptoeing around the yard, hoping to not be spotted by the four pups. As he neared the door he jumped in surprise.

"Um, who are you?"

Dylan whirled around with a scream as he was staring face to face with the mutt. "Where are we?" The dog asked.

"Oh u-uh, let's see. You see uh... " Dylan froze and looked down at the dog tags on the pups. "Wait, are you the Paw Patrol's puppies by chance?" Dylan asked, sounding less afraid.

"Wait, what?" The mutt asked arching an eyebrow, looking back at his three companions who all shrugged. "Yeah, we are. Didn't think we were that well known." The dog admitted with a small smile.

"Oh, thank dog. I thought we were getting invaded by aliens, kidnappers, or worse." Dylan sighed, taking off his helmet. "I'm Dylan, and it's uh, nice to meet famous pups like you," Dylan said and then tilted his head. "Though, why are you all here?" Dylan asked.

"Good, question." The cockapoo replied, looking confused.

"I don't think we have an answer. We just kinda, appeared here? I think we're a little lost. " The dalmatian of their group admitted.

"Lost, you don't know where you are?" Dylan asked.

"Nope, nothing here smells or looks familiar." The cockapoo admitted.

"Well, this is Dalmatian Street in London," Dylan explained.

"London? Never heard of a place like that." The mutt said.

"Really? It's one of the world's biggest cities. How do you not know it?" Dylan asked, arching an eyebrow.

The four pups look at each other with another shrug. "Um, how far is Adventure Bay?" The mutt asked, ignoring the question.

"Oh right, where the home base of the Paw Patrol is! I bet your parents are worried sick if you truly are lost like this!" Dylan said, sitting down tapping his muzzle in thought. "Adventure Bay is in the U.S. somewhere between Florida and New York regions," Dylan explained.

"So we're not even in the U.S.?" The cockapoo asked. "Boy, now I'm really confused.

Before the conversation could continue, Dylan froze hearing a noise happen behind him. Inside the glass door, he saw Dolly, Dante, and Dawkins standing with their back facing the door and looking at a mountain of white as it rushed towards the door.

"Uh oh, um, take cover!" Dylan barked, waving his paws franticly.

Three of the Paw Patrol Pups did so, with the dalmatian member of the group tripping and falling into the mud, just as the glass door flung open! Dalmatian Puppies flew all over the yard, some on their stomachs, some on their paws like Deepak, some landed on their backs, and some like Dorthy were caught by some of the older pups. Dylan caught Dorthy just before she hit the ground and sighed as she giggled happily. "Let me guess... trigger word?" Dylan asked, glancing at his sister Dolly was rising to her paws, still recovering from the impact.

"Duh... " Dolly groaned, then turning her attention to the four new visitors. "Who are they?" She asked.

"It's the Paw Patrol puppies. They said they are lost and don't know where they are. I bet their parents are worried sick. How can we contact them from here? The Paw Patrol doesn't seem to have World Wide Woof communication." Dylan asked, sounding concerned.

"We'll work that out later I guess. Right now, you've got hungry pups to feed!" Dolly teased.

"What?" Dylan asked as all of his brothers and sisters, except Dolly, Dawkins, Dante, and Da Vinci began pushing Dylan inside the house begging for food. "Okay, okay, remember, single file!"

Once Dylan and the group were in the house, Dawkins sighed and followed them inside. "He'll need my assistance."

"I need some food," Dante admitted, padding inside. Dolly turned to Da Vinci, who was walking towards her wall she uses as a painting canvas.

"Aren't you gonna go eat?" Dolly asked.

"No, a picture formed last night and I must paint it!" Da Vinci exclaimed, pulling out some paint cans and began to draw on the walls. Dolly shrugged and turned to the four newcomers, who were chatting quietly amongst themselves. The dalmatian was still dirty from his fall earlier. Dolly walked up to the group.

"Hiya, uh I'm Dolly, who are you?" She asked, catching the four's attention.

"Oh, right. I'm Skye." The cockapoo stated.

"I'm Rocky." The mutt added.

"Marshall, " the dalmatian said, wagging his tail as he shook the mud off his body.

"I-I'm Sonic." Sonic finished, looking away. He seemed to have a curious look pop in his eye and he walked away from the other three Paw Patrol pups and sat behind Da Vinci, looking up at her art she was drawing.

"Well, it's nice to meet you. The one who just went into the house with my other brothers and sisters is Dylan." Dolly explained. We're the oldest ones that are in charge around here. In case it ain't obvious, I'm the cool one, Dylan is the nerd." She chuckled as Rocky, Marshall, and Skye nodded.

"So, Dolly, I have some questions," Rocky said.

"Okay, shoot," Dolly said with a shrug.

Sonic meanwhile was still watching Da Vinci at work curiously. "Are you painting?"

"Yes." Da Vinci replied briefly before swiping her paint-covered paw against the wall again.

"What are you drawing?" Sonic asked with Da Vinci wagging her tail.

"I had a strange dream last night and I had to paint what I saw!" She exclaimed as she then poked a few dots with some orange paint. She then smiled and stepped back to admire her work. "Done."

"Hm, looks like an abstract. Those always look the prettiest to me." Sonic admitted, looking the art up and down.

Da Vinci turned to look at him and the other three visitors. "Really?" She asked and Sonic nodded.

"It's always some of the best use I see lots of colors together. The more color in life, the better." He said with his tail wagging a tiny bit.

Da Vinci smiled at hearing his thoughts on her art and then she looked carefully at him and the other three. *Gasp* "New idea!" She barked excitedly pulling out a new blank canvas that she had stashed away and began to paint away again.

"Wow, she wastes no time... " Sonic said, his eyes growing wide with surprise. He watched her work and soon, he noticed images of the pups' faces started to appear as silhouettes amongst the abstract imagery and colors. He saw Rocky's face on the left, Skye's on the top, and Marshall's on the right. She then went down and was fixing to began drawing the fourth face, but froze looking back at Sonic. She then glanced back at her canvas and then back at Sonic and sat down, growling.

"Something wrong?" Sonic asked.

Da Vinci turned to him and nodded. "I don't know what it is, but... I can't see your face. I can't paint what I can't see."

Sonic arched an eyebrow and tilted his head. "You can't see me?" He asked, partially surprised to hear someone wanting to draw an image of him. He didn't care much about that honestly, but he was surprised nonetheless. "What do you mean?"

"I can't see you.. .well partially. I of course 'see' you since I'm not blind, but you feel... blurred." She said staring at Sonic tilting her head. Sonic grew uneasy and shivered.

"Mind if uh, go walk around?" He asked and she sighed shaking her head. "Go ahead. My brother Dylan can give you some food if your hungry I'm sure." Da Vinci said, turning back to the unfinished painting.

"Thanks." Sonic nodded, padding away to the inside of the house. Da Vinci sighed again glaring at the picture. "This art is incomplete until I finish that pup's face."

Meanwhile, Dolly then glanced back at the house and then at her growling tummy. "Hey, why don't we head inside. You can have something to eat." They seemed to be finished asking her some questions. They were nothing crazy.

"Well, thank you. It would be nice to get out of this muddy yard for a minute." Skye agreed.

"Great, follow me. Da Vinci, we're heading inside." Dolly said to her sister, before leading the three pups inside her house, wagging her tail.

Da Vinci didn't pay her any mind as she tried picturing the four visitors in her mind. She growled and stomped her paw in irritation. "Why can't, I, envision it!?


Dylan was just finished feeding all his brothers and sisters and they all began to leave. Dolly then entered the room with Rocky, Marshall, and Skye.

"Hey Dylan, these three could use something to eat," Dolly said as Dylan nodded. He pressed a button on a weird device and filled three bowls up with food via a hose that shot the food out.

"Wow, nice aim, bro," Dolly said with a smile.

"I've been doing some target practice with Dawkins." Dylan chuckled.

"I wish I had a notepad to take notes... " Rocky whispered to himself, looking at the machine near Dylan in awe.

"Well, you three go ahead and eat. I'll go find Da Vinci. I didn't see her eating." Dylan said beginning to walk to the exit of the room.

"She's outside painting again," Dolly said to Dylan as he passed her.

"Right." Dylan nodded rushing outside.

"Seem you have things organized," Skye observed sitting at the table at a blue food bowl. Rocky then sat on beside her at their bowls.

"Wait, weren't there four of you? Where is your friend... Sonic was it?" Dolly asked tilting her head.

Marshall and the other two glanced around. "I guess he wandered off." He said before taking a bite of the food.

"I'll find him then," Dolly said. She then left the room. Once she was gone, Skye, Rocky, and Marshall all looked at each other and coughed, wiping their mouths.

"What kinda food is this?!" Rocky exclaimed.

"Not very good food, that's what." Marshall pouted, sticking out his tongue.

Skye sighed and looked at a TV that happened to be on. It was showing a commercial about some beauty products and then, she froze. "Uh.... guys."

Rocky and Marshall looked at the TV and their eyes grew wide.

"We're here live to show you a tour of the greatest rescue squad in all of the U.S. Say hello to the Paw Patrol! Consisting of boy genius Ryder, Günther, blah, blah, blah... "

"Why is Chase's dad in a Recycle Dog uniform?" Marshall asked.

"My dad is a mer-pup, not a land pup, so why is he a police dog!?" Rocky asked in shock.

"Is... is that our parents!?" Skye asked, looking at what she assumed was her mom, Marshall's mom, and Zuma's father. There even seemed to be someone that looked like a dad for Rubble. "What's going on!?" Skye asked.

"This is their robotic companion, Robo-Dog." The newslady said showing a taller and leaner looking Robo-Dog.

"Um, something's not right. Robby was Robo-Dog before turning into Robby... right?" Marshall asked, looking over at Rocky.

They continued to watch. "And the future of the PAW Patrol looks bright as the children of the PAW Patrol dogs are currently training to take their place.

Skye and the other two had their mouths drop open upon seeing Chase, Marshall, Skye, Rocky, Zuma, Rubble, Mighty, Miles, and Silver all standing there in a line like their parents, smiling big for the camera.

"D-Didn't she say this is live?" Rocky asked, sounding nervous. Skye nodded in response. "Wait, didn't they say they thought our parents would be worried about us?" Rocky said, just realizing something.

"If we're there... and here at the same time... " Skye started.

"-then are we like... in some alternate universe or something!?" Marshall added.

Rocky and Skye looked at Marshall and nodded. "I think... we might be."

"Still not the weirdest thing that's happened to us I guess... " Skye sighed. "but if this is all true... how do we get home... to our true home?"

Rocky, Marshall, and Skye all sighed and pouted. Skye then looked back up at the TV and froze for a second. "Something just occurred to me. I see everyone back home, plus some extras on camera right now, but- "

"But?" Rocky asked, tilting his head at Skye.

"But Sonic... Sonic's not there."

Marshall and Rocky gasped and looked at each other. "Then what does that mean?"

"I don't know, but I don't think that's a good thing for Sonic."


Sonic was walking around the house and just happened to stumble upon Dawkins' room. He entered looking at all the gizmos, gadgets and electronics in the room. "Whoah... this is some high tech stuff." He observed and then heard some shuffling behind a curtain. Sonic arched an eyebrow and padded up to the curtain. "Um, hello?"

"Agh!" A voice shouted as a wrench flew up into the air and fell down behind the curtain. *Bonk* "Ow... "

"Uh oh, sorry." Sonic apologized, looking down at his paws as the curtain flew open. There was Dawkins, rubbing his head with his paw. Next to him was his toy, Princess Positron. Beside the toy was an incomplete gadget.

"Who are you?" Dawkins asked annoyed. "Can't you see I'm busy with a breakthrough!?"

"Like I said, sorry. I was just saying 'hi'." Sonic shrugged as Dawkins padded up to him, looking him up and down. He froze upon seeing Sonic's paws. "Your paws, they are different?" Dawkins observed, grabbing one of Sonic's paws with his own and examined it.

"Hey!" Sonic said, almost tripping and falling. He then glanced at Dawkins' paws and noticed that unlike Rocky and the others, he had four toes like Sonic, however, unlike Sonic, Dawkins seemed to have his fourth toe work like a human thumb." What?" Sonic asked in surprise.

"Do you have a deformity?" Dawkins asked, looking at Sonic in the eye. Sonic pulled his paw away and looked away shaking his hand. "No, I don't think."

"Well, it is odd that your paw is vastly different from my own. It's not just different in shape, but the muscle and bone structure even felt different." Dawkins stated.

Outside the room in the hallway, Dylan was pushing Da Vinci into the room where Rocky and the others were.

"But I must finish it!" Da Vinci protested.

"Eat something and I'll help you finish it," Dylan said as Da Vinci smiled.

"Fine... " Da Vinci sighed in defeat.

Ignoring the conversation, Dawkins turned to his work in progress gadgets. He seemed to drop the awkward conversation about Sonic's paw at last.

"What are you working on?" Sonic asked, looking where he was.

"I'm working on a translation device for us dogs to be able to properly communicate with humans. Since they refuse to learn our language, then I'll have to make the first effort for them. I guess the language of animals is still too difficult for their tiny brains." Dawkins said, earning a confused tilt of the head from Sonic.

Ignoring that comment about humans' intelligence, he began to speak on another thought that crossed his mind. "Don't humans understand p-" Sonic was interrupted by a sharp pain. "Ow!" He shouted, looking back to see a spotless dalmatian biting his tail. "Um, please let go." Sonic pleaded, trying to reach back behind himself with his paw to push the little one off his tail, but to no avail. He couldn't reach his tail as the little puppy chewed with a giggle or two.

Dawkins glanced back at him. "You know, moving your tail in front of you would help you reach her better. She is not heavy enough that you can't move your tail." Dawkins pointed out, returning to his work.

"I can't move my tail," Sonic admitted.

"Nonsense, Dorthy is as light as a feather! Even I could lift her up." Dawkins exclaimed turning back to the two dogs.

"No, I mean, I literally can't move my tail. I uh... don't know how." Sonic shrugged with a nervous face.

"How can you not move your tail? It is so simple. Observe." He said standing up and twitching his tail back and forth, to and fro, and all around!

"Wow... " Sonic said, not sounding impressed.

"See, not difficult." He said glaring at Sonic.

"SImple for you, but not for me." Sonic shrugged and jumped feeling Dorthy chomp his tail again. "Oh come, knock it off!" He said, rising to his paws and jumped around a little to try and shake her off. He then tripped on his own paws and fell, falling onto his stomach with a thud.*Bam!* "Ow... again."

Sonic's tail then fell over, hanging over his back, dropping Dorthy onto his back, causing her to let go. She sat down and giggled, dashing off.

"*Sigh* I hate being a dog... " Sonic sighed.

Dawkins arched an eyebrow. "What was that?"

"Nothing... " Sonic sighed again, standing back up to look at a curious Dawkins. "Well, I'll leave you to that. I'm gonna go walk around some more." He said, leaving the room. Dawkins watched him leave, tapping his muzzle with his paw.

"Strange. He wasn't moving his legs correctly when jumping and moving about. He can't move his tail and his paws are different too. Perhaps I'd better go study our other three visitors. Come, Princess Positron. We have an investigation to do." He said, pulling a curtain over his translator machine. He then grabbed his toy in his mouth and left the room as well.


Dimension 43: Adventure Bay 10:02 A.M.

Chase sitting in his classroom with a sigh as he listened to Mr. Turbot give a lecture to the class. He was trying to focus, but he was too pre-occupied by that strange feeling he felt earlier at the bridge. Suddenly, his puptag beeped, earning everyone's attention, even Chase's.

"Chase, hurry to the Lookout! We have an emergency!" Ryder's voice echoed through the puptag.

"On my way Ryder!" Chase announced, stepping away from his seat and looked up at Captain Turbot. "I'll be back later for any work I missed sir," Chase assured him. Captain Turbot nodded and waved him away as Chase bolted out of the school.

"Good luck Chase!" One of the kids shouted to Chase.

Once Chase got to the lookout he skidded to stop upon seeing Ryder, Mighty, Zuma, Rubble, Miles, and Günther all standing next to the beanbags. Next to them was the book Chase was looking at earlier, but it was open. "What's going on?" Chase asked rushing over to them and then looked down at the open book. He saw a dalmatian on the cover. It read: 'Pongo, the dad of the 101 dalmatians. In this world, a family of 101 Dalmatians existed generation after generation after his family survived the cruelty of Cruela Devil'.

"I just happened to be examining security footage and saw Rocky, Sonic, Skye, and Marshall in here. They vanished in a flash of light after opening this book. I reversed the footage and saw you being the one to have the book first since yesterday. Where did you find this thing?" Ryder asked.

"Um... I just found it after our mission yesterday... by a tree." Chase explained, finding this all confusing.

"Well, I'm worried about what could happen if someone else touched this book. I advise you all to avoid touching it until I can find more clues about it. I'll need Rocky's grabber arms so we can grab it safely and close it." Ryder said to Rubble. The bulldog nodded and scampered away. "Once it's closed, I'll scan the cover and try to find info about it online," Ryder said with everyone nodding in understanding.

Chase looked at the book in worry. "Skye... Sonic... Marshall... Rocky, if you are in there, hang on. We'll get you out." Chase whispered quietly to himself.


Dimension 24: Dalmatian Street, 10:45 A.M.

Sonic was continuing to walk around the dalmatian's house. After stopping to stare at the family portraits of the dalmatian pups. He sat down looking at them all. "That's a big family."

"Indeed," Replied a calm sounding voice. Sonic arched an eyebrow and looked around a little until spotting two dalmatians next to him. There happened to be dalmatians all over the place, but these two happened to be the closest. The closest who had his eyes closed, murmuring to himself had a red and blue-collar. The other one was messing around on a cordless electric piano as he listened to the sounds on his headphones.

"Why is your family so big?" Sonic asked, with them both looking at Sonic briefly.

"We're two families combined into one, basically." The dalmatian with headphones stated. Sonic looked back up at the wall and back at the two.

"Both were big families, to begin with," Sonic observed.

The pup with his eyes closed open them and looked up at the wall Sonic was looking at. "We are a big family, that much is true." The pup said, looking around looking a less calm as some glass shattered nearby.

"Kinda crazy too." Sonic shrugged.

"Yes, it's hard to stay calm in this environment." The pup said back to Sonic.

"I'll bet so. I don't know how long I could handle all this noise." Sonic admitted, popping his head at a screeching noise that a few pups nearby made.

"If you ever need stress release help, just come and find me. The Great Guru Miaow will bring you peace in these-" the pup said yelping as two pups tumbled passed him in a play fight. He panted a bit and shook from anxiousness.

"-stressful environments." The pup finished shaking like a leaf.

Worried, Sonic went over to the pup and hugged him slightly. "Huh?" The pup asked as he stopped shaking.

"Hugging always helped me to calm down," Sonic said, causing the pup to smile up at Sonic. "It is comforting."

SOnic then let go and sat next to the pup. "Anyways, I'll maybe take you up on that offer if the hugs no longer work," Sonic said.

The pup looked up at Sonic and nodded. "O-Okay then."

"I'm Sonic." Sonic finished. "I'm gonna go head upstairs now."

"Deepak." The pup said in response. "See you later." The pup said watching Sonic head upstairs.

The pup with headphones lited an ear up, looking over at Deepak. "You alright, dude?"

"Y-Yeah, I am D.J.," Deepak said, heading back to his spot next to D.J. and began to meditate some more. D.J. shrugged and began to work on his music some more.

"What's that weird singing I keep hearing." He said listening to a song he recorded. "It's always there, no matter how many times I re-record. Weird. Maybe I'd better take my stuff to Dawkins to look at." D.J. whispered to himself as he tapped a few more keys on the piano.


Rocky, Marshall, and Skye were sitting at the table still as Da Vinci finished eating her breakfast. "Can I leave now?" She asked, looking at her brother. Dylan who watched her. "Yes, let's go finish that painting of yours. " He said glancing at Rocky and the others. "Why do you keep staring at the TV?" He asked looking at the TV himself.

"Uh, no reason," Rocky said, giving Dylan a fake smile.

Dylan shrugged and led Da Vinci out of the room.

Rocky sighed and looked over at Skye and Marshall. "This feels like a dream."

"More like a nightmare." Marshall agreed.

"What do you think we should do?" Skye wondered.

"I don't know." Rocky sighed. "We've never been to another dimension or reality before. It's all-new territory to me."

"Pardon me, but could you repeat that." A voice spoke, causing the three pups to look around in confusion. Then Dawkins came out from underneath the table and sat next to Rocky, looking up at him.

"Gah! How long were you down there?!" Rocky asked with Dawkins shrugging.

"Long enough to get all the info I needed." He replied, pulling an alien doll out from under the table.

"Why were you under the table?" Skye asked, disturbed.

"I was examining your paws," he said holding up one of his own paws to show the three. "You all have only three toes and lack the ability to grab things with them. You four being from an alternate world, reality or dimension surely would explain your odd physical deformities." Dawkins observed.

"Guess we... can't hide that." Skye sighed.

"Relax, I'll keep your secret for the time being. I happened to be looking into the idea of alternate realities for some time now, and this gives me a good reason to speed up my research."

"Thanks." Rocky sighed.

"Is there anything we could do to help speed things up on that?" Skye asked.

"Perhaps. I ask that you get my older brother, Dylan. I could use his assistance. He may need to know more about what's going on too." Dawkins suggested.

"I guess that's okay. He seemed like a trustworthy pup." Marshall agreed.

"I guess... " Rocky nodded.

"Brilliant." He said rising to his paws.

"You best get them home soon... " Said an eerie voice.

The pups and Dawkins looked around again.

"Else their existence will bring... " The voice continued.

Marshall gasped and turned to his left and saw a black dalmatian staring at him. "Wha!" He yelped tripping and falling onto his back.

"The End Of The World!!!!" The black dalmatain shouted.

Dawkins rolled his eyes with a scoff. "Dante, keep this info on the downlow if you please." Dawkins urged.

Dante waved his paw and nodded." Yeah, sure, no problem. But the end is nigh." He reminded, making Rocky and the other two look at each other with concern.

"Uh... okay," Skye said as Dawkins, Skye, Rocky left toward Dawkins' room. Marshall left with Dante to go get Dylan.

Meanwhile, upstairs...

Dolly was shifting around upstairs, looking for Sonic. "Hey, Deja Vu, have you seen that black dog from this morning?" She asked one of three triplet puppies as they sat in a straight line in front of her.

"Nope. The only black pup I've seen sneaking around was Dante." She replied.

"What about you two. Have you seen that pup?" She asked them and they looked back behind Dolly and nodded.

"Really? Where?" She asked.

"Behind you." Dallas, one of the three stated calmly. Dolly turned around to see Sonic walking up to her.

"Hi," Sonic said as Dolly sighed in relief.

"I've been looking all over for you."

"Why?" Sonic asked, arching an eyebrow as he tilted his head.

"There's some food downstairs if you want to- ":

"I don't eat dog-food." Sonic replied quickly. "Especially not that nasty looking stuff. Bleck... " He said, sticking his tongue out.

"What?" Dolly asked now tilting her head herself. "What do you mean?"

"I just don't eat dog food. I can't stand the taste of it, and that kind I saw downstairs is so messy. It'll get all over me and I don't like that at all." Sonic said, shaking his head. "Sorry, but I'll pass. Thanks anyway, though." He said, walking past Dolly.

Dolly confused, turned back to Sonic and began to follow him.

"Come on, how can a dog not like dog food? Are you a high-class dog like Clarissa?" Dolly asked, glaring at Sonic. Sonic saw her beside him and looked at her confused.

"I wouldn't call myself 'high-class'. I'm far below that." Sonic replied.

"Well, you sure act like it. What, are you hiding your identity or something?" Dolly asked, rushing around to the other side of Sonic, her curiosity piqued.

Sonic groaned and rolled his eyes. But he did seem to react in surprise to her question.

"Well, depends on what you mean by identity I guess." He said, unable to make himself lie.

"Ooo, what are you hiding, then?" Dolly pestered whirling back around to the other side of Sonic as they explored the house some more.

"Nothing I'm going to openly admit to. I don't know you enough to tell you anything about myself." Sonic said glaring at her briefly.

"Okay, fair, fair. But come on, I'm good at keeping secrets, she said giving him the begging puppy dog eyes.

"Hmph... sure." He said glancing back at a few dalmatian puppies who were watching him and her. "Can't say the same for the rest of your family, now can ya." He said entering the room where Dolly and a bunch of the pups tend to sleep.

Dolly sighed and shrugged. "He's a stubborn and weird dog."

Sonic continued to pad around and soon looked at a telescope that pointed out of the room.

"You guys stargaze?" Sonic asked, trying to change the subject off of himself.

"My brothers Dylan and Dawkins do. They are such nerds... " Dolly replied sitting next to Sonic as he looked the telescope over.

"Being a nerd isn't a bad thing, though. It just makes someone look at things differently than you." Sonic said in response as his tail tilted weird, making him stumble for a second, almost falling on his side.

Dolly rushed over and grabbed him with her paw and lifted him back up. "You alright?" She asked as Sonic looked back up at her.

"Yeah, thanks. I'm not too sturdy on my fe- I mean paws." Sonic said quickly with a sigh before looking back at the telescope.

Dolly then heard a noise outside and growled, grabbing the telescope with her paws and turned it to look at the yard over to the left.

"What is she doing this time!?" Dolly asked, making Sonic curious. He looked around the telescope to look into the yard. He saw a pampered dog being hand feed by a human. She growled or barked at him if he messed up even a little.

"Who's she?" Sonic asked.

"Clarissa... " Dolly whispered.

"The dog you compared me too earlier?" Sonic asked, tilting his head.

"She's a rat in a dog's body. Just yesterday, she dropped a beehive on my brother, Diesel's head! Thankfully, he was too stinky and dirty for the bees to even care about stinging him, but it was the thought that counts. It made him panic caused him to rush into the treehouse's tree and hurt his paw. Mom helped heal his leg and all, but still. She makes me want to pull my fur out for the things shoe does!" Dolly exclaimed glaring at the pampered dog. The dog seemingly looked up at Dolly and grinned evilly, waving her paw at Dolly.

Dolly growled as Sonic rolled his eyes. "There's always that one neighbor I guess."

The boards beneath Sonic then began to give way and he fell over on his side as a little dalmatian puppy broke through the boards of the floor. Sonic scampered back to his paws and looked down at little dalmatian's head was smiling at him and Dolly. He was sticking his tongue out, panting.

"Hi, Dolly!" The pup exclaimed.

Dolly turned around to look at one of her little brothers and she groaned, rolling her eyes. "Diesel, we don't dig through the second floor's floorboards, remember?" Dolly asked as he giggled.

"Oopsie. By the way, Dawkins seems to be having a meeting in his room with those three Paw Patrol dogs." Diesel said, making Sonic arch an eyebrow.

"Is that important?" Sonic asked as Dolly nodded.

"Assuming he's being his nerdy self, he's gonna freak those dogs out. I'd better go intervene. Diesel, could you uh, maybe watch Sonic for me... please?" Dolly asked.

"Sure thing." Diesel said with a smile and nod as Dolly left. Sonic looked Diesel in the ey and arched an eyebrow. "Who are you?" Diesel asked, curiously.

"Sonic," Sonic answered.

"Cool! Nice to meet you. See you later!" Diesel said, digging back down into the floorboards. "Dig, dig, dig!" He shouted, making Sonic arch an eyebrow.

"And I thought my life couldn't get much stranger upon turning into a dog... and yet, here we are." Sonic sighed, deciding to leave the room and explore elsewhere. Upon him leaving, a trio of puppies came from around a wall to watch him walk away.

"Oooh, did you guys hear that?" A dalmatian with black ears and a golden dog tag said to two other look-a-likes. Their dog tags were all golden, each being a number, one to three. This one had the number 3.

"Yeah, dude. A pup who doesn't know anything about this place!" The dalmatian with the number 1 dog tag said.

"Let's go teach him some... lessons then." The pup with the number 2 tag said with a chuckle. The other two laughed in tandem with him.

"You mean prank him, right?" The dog with the number 1 tag asked, making the other two glared at him. "Right, okay." The dog said, hoping they'll stop staring at him.

Meanwhile, outside with Da Vinci and Dylan.

"Why are you so invested in painting right now? I mean, I get it it's your thing ,but you're kinda getting a little... obsessive with it." Dylan said, quietly. Da Vinci was not paying hi many mind as she continued to paint. Dylan tilted his head. "Why are you painting a human?" Dylan asked.

"I'm only drawing what I see in the soul. I saw something I can't get out of my mind and I must paint!" Da Vinci exclaimed as she flung paint at a canvas.

"Um.. .who's soul, by chance?" Dylan asked, not really understanding, but just going along with it.

"His soul wouldn't want me to tell his secrets. It's better for everyone if it was unsaid." She said, continuing the painting.

"Ooookaaay. You are a weird pup Da Vinci."

"Says the dog that bathes with a shower cap." Da Vinci replied quickly.

"Fair poi- Hey!" Dylan whimpered, glaring at his younger sister. "You pups will never understand."

"Nor will you understand the spirit inside, since your a dog of science." She said with Dylan arching an eyebrow.

"Since when did talking about painting turn into a round of, 'lets bully the big brother'?" He asked curling his toes in a quotation type of fashion.

"You make it too easy, Dylan." She said, swiping a black back on the painting. Dylan watched her paint some more, before walking away.

"Better check on our uninvited, celebrity guests." He said, leaving Da Vinci's sight. She watched him leave and sighed, looking at her work in progress masterpiece.

"What a troubled soul you have, Sonic. It's no wonder I couldn't envision this piece at first. Your the soul of another trapped in the body of another. Dylan would never understand this piece, let alone you. I pray you find your way home and soon, before he asks you too many questions.

"Are you... talking to a painting?" A random dalmatian pup asked as they walked by.

"Like this is is the weirdest thing you've seen me do." Da Vinci said in defense as the pup shrugged.

"True. There was that time you painted everyone green to spook Dylan for April Fools." The pup said, grabbing a rubber ball and walking away further into the backyard.

"Hehehe... Dolly does come up with some nice pranks." She whispered, getting back to work on her art piece.

Back with the pups and Dawkins, Dante was walking into the room with Dylan. "So this is where you all were. What's going on here Dawkins?"

"Dylan our visitors are members of the Paw Patrol, but they actually from another dimension." Dawkins explains, as he was messing around with some machinery. He wasn't looking at his brother. Dylan arched an eyebrow and glanced at Rocky, Marshall, and Skye. They were sitting in a row beside the doorway. Dante was sitting beside Dylan on the other side.

"Dawkins, have you eaten too much kibble again?" Dylan asked, sounding concerned.

"No, I actually ate the right amount today." Dawkins said. "Dylan, look at the twos of our visitors."

Dylan rolled his eyes and did so. He titled his head seeing the fact that they all had three toes instead of four. "Wait, that doesn't look right."

"That, Sonic, fellow is the same. They all come from an alternate world. Further proof lies in the fact that when you look it up on the pup net, Rocky, Marshall and Skye are young pups in our world. They are still in training to Paw Patrol members like their parents. In their world, they are the Paw Patrol members. Follow me so far?" Dawkins asked, now looking at Dylan as he rose to his paws.

Dylan rubbed his chin with left paw and then nodded. "I guess that makes since... but I have one question... "

"Here it comes." Dawkins and Dante said in unison.

"How did this happen!? Why are you all here!? So multiverse theory is correct!? What is going on!?" Dylan shouted in a frenzy, panting heavily.

Rocky, Marshall, and Skye all leaned back and grew wide eyed. "Is he okay?" Rocky asked.

"Give him a moment to process." Dawkins replied, going back to work. "Dante, please keep the rest of house... busy."

Dante sighed. "Sure, whatever." He said, leaving past Dylan, who was tugging his ears down from shock.

"Okay, enough dawdling, Dylan. We need ideas. You, me and this Rocky fellow should be able to figure out what to do." Dawkins said to Dylan.

Dylan took in one other breath and then sighed. "Okay.. .okay. We need... uh... a Dolly distraction first off." Dylan said, turning to Skye. "You, you're a girl... um... go talk with her or something, please?" Dylan asked quickly.

"Um... okay." Skye shrugged, leaving the room.

"Hm... what can I do?" Marshall asked.

"Sorry bud, but with something like this... maybe you should go watch TV?" Rocky suggested. "We can't let an accidental tumble of yours mess up whatever me and these two make." Rocky explained, with Marshall nodding.

"Right, fair point. See you in a bit." Marshall said, walking out of the room too.

Meanwhile, out in the hallways, Skye bumped into Dolly. "Oh, hi." Skye said. "Sorry, I wasn't watching where I was going." Skye admitted.

"It's fine. Did you just come from Dawkins room? I heard you three dogs were in there?" Dolly asked, looking behind Skye.

"Yeah. He's a nice pup. Rocky likes his inventions." Skye said, as she saw Marshall leave the room and head to where they were eating before. "Marshall probably got bored of it all and is now going to watch TV. It's something he tends to do at home." Skye explained.

"I see... hm. Well, at least my brother isn't weirding you three out. I don't want him to rub off on you all." Dolly joked with her usual weird laughter.

"Yeah... so uh, can you show me around? I'd rather get another 'girl's point of view of the place." Skye said with Dolly stopping to think.

"Had enough of the boys huh?" Dolly asked with Skye nodding her head with a fake smile.

"I guess so. I do need to go back and check on Sonic first, though. I did leave him up there with just... Diesel." Dolly said in thought. Looking nervous for a moment.


"Just a dog I should not have put trust in upon thinking about it now." Dolly said. "Follow me, I'll give you a quick tour, while we head upstairs." Dolly said, leading Skye away.


Dimension 24: Dalmatian Street, 11:32 A.M. (De-Vil Tower)

"So, let me get this straight. You'll help me catch the Dalmatians if I get you a black Jack-Rustel Terrier with hazel green eyes?" A high pitched voice said from behind a desk.

"You have my word. Unless of course, you don't believe in what I say?" A deep and gruff voice said.

"No, it's not that. I just find it weird to want just this one dog. What is it to you?" The high pitched voice said again from behind the desk.

"I jus need to correct an anomaly in the universe. The dog is something that doesn't belong anywhere. That's all I will say. Any further knowledge is not recommended for your primitive brain." The deep voice said.

"Watch your tongue. Very well, I will not pester you further. Besides, getting the Dalmatians is all that matters. We're gonna need some inside help, though." The high pitched voice retorted.

"I already know just the dog for the job. She'll make this retrieval on both ends an absolute, piece of cake. I already took some steps in our favor to make sure we're not interrupted." The deep voice said. The dark figure that the voice belonged to, stepped aside to reveal a cage with two full grown Dalmatians. Their muzzles were covered with masks and their legs were tied up.

"Ah, the Dalmatians' parents. This will make things much easier." The higher voice said from behind the desk. "I will impress my mistress and with your assistance, even I can get some benefits." The younger voice said, poking their head up from behind the desk. There was the face of a literal snake. The two adult Dalmatians grew wide eyed in fear, seeing the creature. "Oh, yesss. Once my Missstresss is freed from prison... ssssshe'll have a fur pelt factory waiting for her! It's sssso wonderful! Ehehehe!!! " The snake laughed hysterically. The dark figure by the cage grunted.

"Backstab me, and you're existence is also forfeit." The deep voice said as the snake grunted in confusion. The dark figure then left the room, leaving the snake and the Dalmatians alone.

"Don't worry. Your precious babies will be here soon enough. I can't wait to see the nice pelts they become... don't you.. agree?" The snake said, giving a fake pout to the two, before laughing and slithered past the cage and toward the elevator.


Dimension 43: Adventure Bay 11:38 A.M.

"Any luck?" Chase asked, Ryder as he paced back and forth in Ryder's garage. They had managed to move the book to Ryder's basement, where he was scanning it with electronic devices.

"Well, it seems to be an ordinary book. I can't seem to find anything out of the ordinary." Ryder sighed, stopping the scan.

"What do we do?" Chase asked. "Our friends are trapped.. .in there. How do we get them out?" Chase asked again.

"I don't know Chase... " Ryder admitted. "I'm lost on this one." The human boy sighed, leaning back in his chair. "I'm gonna head upstairs for a quick bite to eat." Ryder said.

"This is no time to be eating, Ryder! Skye and Sonic are in there... and Rocky and Marshall too." Chase stuttered. "We can't take our time here!" Chase exclaimed.

"Calm down Chase. I can't think straight when hungry. Let me go eat and I'll be back in a few minutes." Ryder said, leaving the basement.

*Sigh* "Okay... " Chase sighed, looking down at the floor as he continued to pace. As he did so, he kept glancing at the book. he could feel that draw from yesterday creep in his mind. He soon stopped pacing and walked up to it. he placed his paw on the book, looking inside at the pages. He stared at a picture of a dalmatian family, but froze upon seeing a new dalmatian begin to morph into the group picture as if by magic. In the face, the dalmatian almost looked like... "Sonic!?" Chase exclaimed, panting in nervousness. "That can't be good, it has to be bad. Oh I wish I was able to get them out. Come on Chase, think.. ." Chase growled to himself and then after thinking about all possible options his took a deep breath and closed his eyes. He placed moved both of his paws onto the book page's picture. "Jesus, my friends are in trouble, please help me save them. I'll do whatever it takes, amen." He said. He opened his eyes just in time to see the book beginning to glow.

"Heh... when all else fails, prayer is the way." Chase said, staring into the glowing book. "I'm coming guys!" Chase howled as the room was blanketed in a giant veil of light! As soon as the light faded, the book closed and Chase was nowhere to be seen.


Dimension 24: Dalmatian Street, 11:00 A.M.

Sonic was walking toward the front door of the dalmatian house. He sighed as he listened to all the different dalmatians play. He then heard a strange clickity clack of paws on wood heading his direction. He whirled around and saw bag getting tossed on his head. "Hey! What gives!?" Sonic whimpered from within the bag. He couldn't get out or move. He was stuck. He felt himself getting picked up by other dogs and he could hear three voices talking.

"Alright guys, let's move forward with the plan!" Dimitri 2 shouted.

"Yeah, this prank is going perfectly!" Dimitri 1 agreed. Sonic felt the three pups begin to walk with him somewhere. After a few minutes the bag opened and he plopped down on cement. The bag was slipped off of him. Sonic gasped rising to his paws and looked around, only to see a door slam shut on a house in front of him.

"Did I just get kicked out?" Sonic asked, glancing at the camera, before walking to the door. "Hey uh, guys, wanna let me in? Your older siblings don't want me or my friends out here!" Sonic exclaimed.

"Nah dude, dalmatians only." Dimitri 1 said with a chuckle from behind the door.

"Then what about my friends inside?" Sonic asked.

"They are with our siblings, so we can't kick them out yet, but we can with you since you're all alone." Dimitri 2 said with another laugh. Sonic's ears pulled back and he sighed, looking down.

"I... I guess so. I always am." He said, looking away from the door. He sat down, looking at the busy London streets. "I always end up alone eventually. I don't know why this always happens." Sonic sighed. He then froze, noticing someone looking at him.

"Did that dog just talk?" A human woman asked, glancing at Sonic.

"Dogs can't talk in this world?" Sonic thought with panic. He gulped and focused. *Woof Woof*" Sonic barked, sighing afterward. "Finally was able to bark. Took me long enough."

The human shook her head. "Must've been imagining things. I really need more sleep." She said, walking away. Sonic watched her go and looked back at the Dalmatian's house's door.

"I've gotta get back inside... "

"Say... aren't you one of them Paw Patrol pups?" A female voice asked. Sonic froze and looked at the house to his left and saw a female corgi looking down at him through a window.

"Why you ask?" Sonic asked. "Bet that's the Clarissa that Dolly mentioned."

"Oh, I was just wondering. I would welcome a celebrity like yourself with open paws." Clarissa said with a smile.

"Um, well... " Sonic started, but was cut off before he finished.

"Plus, I'll give you some 'human' food instead of that awful kibble that those Dalmatians give you." She said as Sonic's stomach growled in response. Sonic weighed his options.

"I hope I'm not making a mistake.. but... I really am hungry." Sonic sighed, looking up at Clarissa." Okay, I'll be willing to come.." Sonic admitted.

"Splendid! Right this way! Butler, *arf arf* !" Clarissa barked, making a human man rush toward the door and open it. "Right this way." She said from the window as she headed inside. Sonic gulped, seeing the human as he stepped toward Clarissa's house. He entered inside with the human closing the door.

Back inside the Dalmatian House... Dolly and Skye walk in on Dimitri 1, 2 and 3, who were laughing.


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