SUMMARY: I decided to make some ideas for season 2, just so we can enjoy reading them before we see any announcements as Atomicon won't happen until May 7, so i hope some people like them.

1- Dylan and Deepak meet a female dog who is lost looking for a friend and they decide to help her, they meet a gang of stray dogs who tell them that she is being stalked by a cat making Dylan assume that the cat has an evil plan only for Deepak to find it suspicious, he decides to follow the female dog after he discovers that she was reading a letter meant for her to meet in an alley, only to be cornered by a gang of cats who want to keep her hostage, then she alongside Deepak are rescued by the cat who is been following them, is revealed that she and the cat know eachother since they were young and want to live together but both gangs hate eachother due that they use to live in an abandoned home who was raided by pest control and hate eachother since, when Deepak tells Dylan what happened, he reveals that both cats and dogs are planning to attack eachother in the park, so the two decide to attract a crowd that ends up adopting the stray cats and dogs, while letting the couple to be in peace.

2- Clarissa enters a dog contest who is hosted by a elite obedience school, Dolly at the beggining ignored it as she doesn't want to be another snob, only to discover in the news that someone is sabotaging the contest and plans to steal the prize, convinced by Dylan, Dolly agrees to participate only to meet a female spaniel who is also in the contest who plans to use the money to help her owner pay her house's mortage, during the process of the contest several dogs suffer accidents that get them off the show, only for Dolly to find out that one of the judges is actually the criminal who is doing this to steal the money of the prize, she decides to let the spaniel win, while also helping the police stop the crook, who makes her being in the news, and makes a new friend along the way.

3- The Dalmatian family go on vacation to Heimaey by accident went Dolly is mistaked as the mascot of a junior football team, who are going to a huge tournament, at the beggining Dolly's skeptic only to discover that she actually enjoys their companionship, she also discovers that one of the players is afraid of doing a penalty kick, so she helps him alongside her family, allowing them to win the tournament, along the way the family discovers that one of the rival players is sad due that his family is not visiting him, so they decide to cheer him up and allow him to make friends with the football team, there is a subplot where Dylan and some of his siblings help a Great Pyreness protect a natural reserve for penguins from fox attacks, only to discover that a Bison who is living with a bunch of sheep is also staying who scares him, so he assumes that she must be the one who is trying to destroy the reserve only to discover that the Bison is actually nice and help them alongside the sheep to find that a security guard is actually the one who wants to get rid of the reserve to finally find a hidden treasure in the island, the Dalmatian family work to sent him to the cops.

4- Dylan, Dolly and their siblings discovers by chance their relatives (their grandparents who act similar to Pongo and Perdita, and their three uncles and aunt who act similar to Lucky, Rolly, Cadpig and Patch) who are happy to meet them in person, they enjoy spending time with them, but one of their uncles (the one based on Lucky), feels that he haven't done something great alongside his siblings, so he decides to try to become a hero only to end up making a mess, after a pep talk from DJ who convinces him to be himself, he ends up rescuing Dorothy and is considered a hero by his family.

5- A prequel to the show (actually the show's version of the live-action film Cruella) telling us about Cruella De Vil's life before meeting Anita and later telling us about what happened to her after the events of the original film, telling details about her family and how come she became the villain she is.

6- Triple D encounters a Boxador puppy who scares them, after their encounter they discover the next day that someone has been stealing objects of value across all Camden, everyone in the Dalmatian family including Dallas and Destiny believes that the stray puppy they meet is the one responsible, the only ones who believe his is innocent is Deja Vu, Diesel and Dorothy, while hanging out with the stray puppy, Deja Vu makes him open up revealing that he is just scared as he has been on his own since birth and Deja Vu decide to become his friend so he can't be alone anymore, they end up discovering that The Canal Crew has been taking the objects to sell them to strangers, together they end up making the Canal Crew end up being arrested by Pearl, and Deja Vu and the stray puppy end up becoming best friends.

7- Dylan's excited to see that PoodleWolf's getting a reboot, only to discover with shock that the reboot is actually terrible, he decides to make his own version of the new PoodleWolf only to discover that he has writer's block, he tries to find inspiration, only to give up, then his family reveal that Dylan doesn't have to dealt with this alone, then the family decide to watch the PoodleWolf reboot and find it funny when they mock it alongside Dylan.

8- Another story arc where the Dalmatian family discovers much to their fears that a businessman is trying to buy their home, so they decide to make his life miserable by ruining his attempts to buy their house, while they also deal with his two henchman who are the descendants of Horace and Jasper, after they are found by a couple and their five kids, they discover that the wife is the businessman's secretary and a descendant of Roger and Anita, the Dalmatian family convice her and her husband to help them find the deed of the house so they can't be kicked out and their house demolished to make an apartment complex, after they find the deed they also find out that the businessman's actually helping Cruella get her revenge on the Dalmatian family, so together they work to sent him to the cops and finally keep their house alongside their new friends.

9- Dylan and Dolly, try to hide a stray puppy from their parents with the help from their siblings, however Doug and Delilah actually found the puppy while they are gone, and while the puppies are at the park under the care of Dylan and Dolly, both Doug and Delilah spend their time taking care of the puppy remembering how Dylan and Dolly met and cause that both adults end up getting together.

10- Dylan encounters a turkey who needs help in finding a protector as the sheepdog who takes care of her is too tired to protect, Dylan accepts just to prove Dolly that he can be a hero in real life, only to discover that the creature that the Turkey is afraid of is actually Fergus, while trying to find a way to keep the turkey protect but without ruining his friendship with Fergus, Dylan attempts to create a monster to scare him, while it keeps Fergus away, he learns from the turkey that Fergus is not the one she is afraid off, but actually a wolf she has seen, when the wolf appears Dylan actually freezes out of fear, only for Fergus to intervine with the help of Pearl, just to find out that the wolf is actually a wolfdog and he is actually the mate of the sheepdog, revealing that the reason she has been tired is due that she is taking care of her five puppies, the turkey apologizes to both the wolfdog and Fergus, while Dylan get scolded by the sheepdog and Pearl for his actions.

11- A episode that features non-dog characters, Big Fee ends up reluctanly taking care of a bunch of mice children, where with Sid, she goes on a journey to help them find their parents, going through a dangerous path in Camden avoiding feral dogs, and stealing food from a store, with time Big Fee warms up to them, and decides to become part of their family when she finally rescues her parents from an exterminator.

12- Hunter tries to make amends with the Dalmatian family, by spending time with them, but Dylan and Dolly don't want him around, so they try to find a human to be friends with him, while they have problems trying to find the perfect one, they end up getting one who seems to enjoy being around Hunter, however it turns out that she actually hangs out with him just because she thinks that he is funny for how he acts, feeling guilty for making Hunter end up with a bad friend, Dylan and Dolly end up revealing her true colors and apologize to him, Hunter actually thanks them and decide to spend their together with the Dalmatian family.

13- Deepak ends up befriending a stray kitten who unfortunaly was born with no tail, making him get pick on by a larger cat who hates house pets, wanting to help him, Deepak sneaks him to the house, which causes Dylan to sneeze a lot due to his allergies, still Deepak tries to help the cat trying to win the heart of a female kitten who is also the target of the larger cat, despite the larger cat tries to cheat to get the attention of the female kitten, Deepak with the help from the other puppies is able to stop him, until the larger cat tries to use a huge hound to get rid of him, until Dylan who stumbles upon ends up causing the hound to be knock out, and ends up scaring the larger cat, allowing the stray kitten and the female cat to be together.

14- Dylan and Dolly wanting to found out more about the family's origins check an old book, that reveals some details about the story of Pongo and Perdita after dealing with Cruella, however it turns out that some pages were torn out, deciding to find more, with the assistance of their siblings they go through all of Camden finding more pages, and discovering more about how long is their family tree, unfortunaly the siblings get lost are they are took by another dog, after completing the book they also found an adress to a house, where they find that there is also another family of one hundred and one Dalmatians who are owned by a song writer, with the father of the puppies being the one who found them and taking care of them with his wife, Dylan and Dolly being happy to find another family to spend time with.

15- A halloween episode, Dante tries to scare everyone in Camden by doing pranks on any bystanders he finds, however his pranks are considered boring by his siblings, so he decides to find help from someone until he encounters a pup who helps him in making bigger pranks, while Dante enjoys scaring others he starts to see how everyone is actually miserable on halloween, and that the pup actually thinks that his personality is a charade to trick others, when he discovers that one of their pranks actually made angry a gang of street dogs who are looking for him, Dante confesses about his actions to his siblings and with their help he proves that the pup who was doing the pranks is resposible, he discovers later that the street dogs know that Dante was getting help from him but accept his apology, despite having to clean the mess caused by his pranks the street dogs help him in return.

16- Triple D tries to appear in a movie to boost their popularity, however the director makes it clear he doesn't want dogs in his movie, Triple D keeps trying to appear during the filming, but every attempts causes the production to be delayed by their actions, when they finally appear in the final scene, they discover that not only did they ruin the film, but that the people who is working on the movie actually doesn't want to be part of it, wanting to make amends they help them to make a different film, that it turns out to be a success.

17- Dolly tries to prove she can be responsible just as Dylan, so she decides to help a dog who is in charge of keeping a garden safe from a bunch of rabbits who are stealing the vegetables, as Dolly sees that both the dog and the leader of the rabbits have a great grudge against eachother, she tries to imatate the dog, only when she is put in charge during the night, she meets a younger rabbit, who is actually trying to prove that he is ready to help the adults, Dolly discovers that the leader is actually the father is the young rabbit, and when she discovers that the farmer who owns the garden have called pest control, she helps them escape earning the respect of the leader, and his son becomes her best friend.

18- When Dylan discovers that there is a secret lab owned by NASA who is actually testing a new space probe to see if people can make colonies on the moon, he discovers that they are testing with a puppy and a kitten who are being trained by an old dog, so he tricks both of them to stay at his house, while he takes their place, as both the puppy and kitten enjoys spending time with the Dalmatian siblings, the latter discover while listening the news that in reality the project is about putting a colony for a whole year, as the Dalmatian family work to get Dylan out of the space probe, they can't bring themselves to allow both the puppy and the kitty to stay for a whole year alone, so the old dog takes their place, as he wants to relieve his old glory days.

19- An episode where is only focused on the several siblings of Dylan and Dolly (Dizzy, Dee Dee, Delgado, Dimitris, Diesel and Dorothy) as we see them doing their usual activities during the day, only to end getting involved in Dylan and Dolly's misadventure as they help them solve their current problem.

20- The Dalmatian family discovers that there is a new family moving in front of them, as they don't want them to call pest control if they discover that they don't have a human, so they plan several charades to keep them away from the house, but unfortunaly they are found out by their children who actually want to play with them, so when the parents discover that the Dalmatians don't have a human they choose to keep the secret to keep them safe.

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