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101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting


Carmen stood a few rooftops away from the Tower of London, a smirk of satisfaction on her lips. Saved another artifact, and returned it to its place, without so much as a speck of dust on it's pristine surface. Crystal was sitting on the top of her head as just like her enjoyed watching the city from above.

"Are you doing that thing where you stand and look at the cityscape in glory again?" Player's voice came in through the comms.

"Wha-? No! I was just, uh, just-" Carmen stammered out, and she heard player snicker of the other side, Crystal sharing the feeling hide a smirk.

"Save it, Red," he laughed. "I get it. You did return the Koh-i-Noor diamond back to its spot on Queen Victoria's crown."

"What can I say, Player? I love my job." Carmen said, sliding her hands up to rest on her hips. "Although I wish they'd return the diamond to India. Britain seized the diamond back in the 1800's. It just seems like the right thing to do. To return something rightfully theirs." Suddenly, a breeze picked up from below, blowing Carmen's coat and hat. She grabbed onto her hand with one hand, and wrapped her other arm around her waist, shivering slightly. Crystal looked in concern as she saw how Carmen was trying to cover herself from the cold

"Well, how 'bout you call it a night on the gloating, and get some rest."

"Call it a night on the gloating..." Carmen muttered under her breath playfully mocking Player.

"What was that, Carmen?" Player asked, feigning offense.

"Nothing, nothing,” she giggled as she hopped down from the roof. “My ride here?”

“Just about,” Player answered. Player heard a small gasp and then the sound of Carmen stifling a sneeze. “Gesundheit. Ivy and Zack are rounding the corner.” As he said that, a black limousine came into Carmen’s view, with Zack sticking his head out of the window.

“Carmen!” Zack’s voice was a drastic change from the English accents they'd been surrounded by. She lifted her hand in a small wave as they pulled to a stop in front of her. She opened the door and slid into the seat next to Ivy, while Crystal took her lap as she got comfy.

“Well if it isn’t the savior of Britain and her pet!” Ivy said, smiling brightly at Carmen.

“It was one diamond, Ivy,” Carmen laughed rolling her eyes.

“Yeah! One huge diamond that was worth millions! V.I.L.E. could do a lot of damage with something like that,” Ivy said pointedly.

"I mean, yeah, you're ri-" Carmen started, but cut herself off with another sneeze which surprised Crystal. "You're right."

"Bless you," Ivy said. "Anyway, you did good tonight, Carm. We all did," she finished, a bright smile on her face. Carmen took off her hat and leaned back into the headrest. Thinking back, it had definitely been a long day. She loved running around the world, her friends by her side, and she wouldn't trade it for anything. But there were also those rare times when she felt the late nights and chilly mornings catching up to her. Sleepiness, set deep in her bones, and the longing for a hot drink. Though, she still had a small smile on her face. Then an itch. She sniffled and scratched at her nose before sneezing once, twice, and then a brief pause before a third time, causing Crystal too look at her in concern.

"Bless you," Chorused Player, Zack and Ivy.

"Geez, Carmen, are you okay?" Player asked.

"Yeah," Carmen said, clearing her throat, but already feeling congestion swell up him her head. "I'm fine."

"Okay, if you say so," Player sighed, disbelief thick in his tone. "Look, I gotta blast, and I know it's late there because time zones are whack, so go back to the hotel and get some rest."

"Sure thing. Bye Player." Carmen said saluting, though she knew he couldn't see her.

"I'm not sure if you are fine at all. Time to make a call." Crystal said when Carmen wasn't looking, she just needed to know if her friends' mother did house calls.


Back at their hotel, Carmen, Crystal, Zack and Ivy made their way up to their suite. Player really had to stop spoiling the three of them. The three said their goodnights, and headed to their respective rooms. Carmen stripped off her sweatshirt and replaced it with an old t-shirt, then changed into sweatpants. Dropping herself into bed, she fell asleep almost immediately, with Crystal taking her bed having no problem in having sleep come in fast.

When she woke up, Carmen sniffled thickly, and rubbed her eyes. Her throat felt raw and uncomfortable and her head felt like it was stuffed with cotton. Not to mention a serious headache already beginning to take hold. Stretching her arms over her head, she pushed herself out of bed, pulled her hoodie on and walked out of her room. Despite her coming down with a cold, Carmen was an early riser. It was seven a.m., and she wasn't expecting Ivy or Zack to be awake for a little while. The sun was covered by a thin layer of clouds, just enough so it wasn't a yellow morning light, but a soft gray. She wandered through the suite before her eyes were caught on a red tea kettle. Tea sounded absolutely perfect.

Ten minutes later, Carmen had situated herself on one of the couches, a hot mug of earl grey in her hands. She muffled two sneezes into her arm and sniffed. She was tired, and a little achy, but she was enjoying the quiet morning. The moment she took a seat, she saw how Crystal was yawning, obviously she was wainting for her.

Close to an hour later, Ivy emerged from her room, her short, copper hair a fluffy mess.

"Mornin’," she said, waving slightly, making her way to the kitchen. "You think they got any coffee in this place?" Carmen attempted to clear her throat before speaking, but she wasn't sure how much good it was going to do.

"I saw some in the cabinet above the stove," she said, voice cracking several times, but trying to ignore the overall raspy quality of it.

"Woah, Carmen, what did you do to your voice?" Ivy asked, immediately making her way over to Carmen.

“Nothing. My throat’s just a bit sore,” Carmen said smiling.

“A bit?” Ivy scoffed. “That sounds like it hurts a lot,” she said, sliding her hands up to her hips. Though, Carmen had a bit of a hard time taking her seriously with the way her hair was still a mess. Carmen shrugged it off, causing Ivy to sigh and walk away. “You’re impossible.” A few minutes later, Zack came out of his room, attempting to comb his hair back with his fingers.

“Good mornin’ sis, morning, Carm,” he said waving a little and yawning.

“Good morning, Zack,” Carmen said, smiling. Zack hadn’t seemed to notice the poor quality of her voice, or if he did, he didn’t say anything about it.

“With our current intel, V.I.L.E. won’t be attempting any capers for at least a few days. Anything you guys would be interested in doing today?” Carmen asked. However, talking had reignited the near constant tickle in her nose. She pulled her sleeve over her hand and stifled a small sneezing fit. This pushed Zack to speak up.

“I don’t know if you should be doin’ anything while you’re sneezin’ like that,” Zack said, cocking an eyebrow. “Maybe we should just, I dunno, use today to rest up?” He finished.

“What? I’m fine you guys,” Carmen said, smirking and cocking her head. Ivy and Zack exchanged a glance.


Carmen had gone to take a shower, leaving Zack and Ivy in the sitting room.

“She’s never gonna listen to us,” Ivy sighed. “Not as long as she’s certain she’s fine.”

“Let’s just see how it plays out. Maybe she is fine?”

Crystal keep listening to their conversation until she heard a knocking at the door, leaving Zack and Ivy confused over who was knocking at the door at this hour of the day.

“Who is coming to our room at this hour,” Ivy questioned. “There is now way you called room service?”

“It seems that it was Crystal. Maybe she wanted breakfast?”

"Sure. Whatever you say, Zack." Ivy said while rolling her eyes, the moment the Zack and Ivy saw Crystal opening some young dalmatians came with two others who were obviouly adults, one who for some reason was carrying a medical bag.


Carmen hadn’t remembered getting out of the shower or getting dressed, and she certainly didn’t remember dragging Ivy and Zack out into the cold.

“Carmen, what’s going on?” Ivy asked as she stumbled on the side walk behind Carmen. They were right outside their hotel, and Carmen appeared to be excited about something. Yet she hadn’t told them what they were doing.

“It’s freezing,” Zack complained. “Aren’t you cold, Carm? You’re not even wearing a coat. You're hair is still wet.”

“Doesn’t matter. Let’s go!” Carmen said, grabbing hold of one of each of their arms. The three of them made it about halfway down the street before Carmen slowed down, and came to a stop. Her eyes glazed over slightly, and she seemed to sway on her feet a bit.

“W-where am I?” She murmured before submitting to a coughing fit, then starting to fall over. Zack quickly moved toward her side, and caught her.

“Woah there,” Zack said, lifting her slightly. “You’re shivering.” Carmen replied with a semi-conscious mumble. “Vee, she’s warm,” he said, feeling the warmth seeping through her clothes.

“Fever?” Ivy asked, walking closer.

“I’m pretty sure. Let's get her back upstairs," Zack said, attempting to pick Carmen up, and struggling. Ivy sighed and walked over.

"Alright, move," she said. "Let me show you how a lady does it." Ivy took Carmen from Zack and lifted her completely off the ground, and shifting her so she'd be easier to carry. Zack groaned.

"Yeah, whatever."


"It's Carmen Sandiego gonna be alrigth mom?" Dizzy asked concerned.

"She was very cold. Are you sure she is fine?" Dee Dee asked as she saw how her mother was removing the thermometer from her mouth.

"She is gonna be fine darlings" Delilah said, putting her tools back in the bag. "She just has a fever, as long as she stays indoors, take her medicine and doesn't get cold, she will be out of bed in no time."

When Carmen came to, she found herself on the couch of the suite, this time with several dalmatians around the room.

"What is going on?" she asked when she saw Ivy and Zack talking quietly.

"Ah, you're awake," Ivy said, sitting on the couch next to her."Do you remember anything that happened in the last two hours?" Carmen shook her head.

"I remember getting in the shower, but the rest is fuzzy," she said gingerly rubbing her temples. "And then it was really cold, and now I'm here."

"Well long story short, you dragged me and Vee out into the street in a feverish haze before fainting," Zack explained.

"Ah, delirium. That explains it," Carmen said thoughtfully.

"Naturally, I heroically carried you back to the room," Zack said, proudly puffing his chest out. Ivy punched him in the rib, causing him to let out a squeak of pain, with caused several of the dalmatians to laugh at him. "Okay, okay, Ivy carried you back up." Carmen laughed.

"Well thank you. Both of you," Carmen said, sheepishly rubbing at her neck. "I'm sorry for putting you through the trouble."

"Don't sweat it, Carm," Ivy said. "But maybe, next time, rest up before you almost crack your skull on the sidewalk."

"Yeah, that sounds like a good idea," Carmen laughed. "Now, maybe we should stay in today?"

"I'm ordering food!" Zack yelled, as he ran over to the phone, tripping on the carpet in the process. "Ow."

"Zack, will ya please stop bein' a clutz before the people downstairs start complaining," Ivy said, lightly kicking him in the arm with the toe of her converse. Carmen giggled from across the room.

"Shush," Zack groaned, making no effort to get up.

"What do you guys think about watching a movie?" Carmen suggested.

"Aw, yeah!" Ivy shouted, jumping over the coffee table to smush her body next to Carmen's. Zack hopped up and ran over the the couch, stepping on Ivy's foot. "Watch it, you dope," Ivy growled, reaching over to smack her brother.

"Guys!" Carmen said, voice cracking painfully, causing her to cough harshly. Zack and Ivy both slumped back, and Carmen snickered at them.

Twenty minutes into the movie, Carmen was asleep again. Shortly after, Zack had followed suit, then Ivy. Crystal and the rest of the dalmatians stay up to watch the movie and them.

Looking back, it'd been a pretty long day, but a good one.


Let it be known that Dylan wasn't exactly someone who jumped into action, that was Dolly's thing.

But even he was aware the he had boundaries, his breaking points, and he was no different. He was still a teenager, after all, a powerful one right now, and everyone knew a teenager wronged would do everything in their power to get back the upper hand.

Also, they were villains. This was just fair, and totally not personal at all, totally. He was just doing the right thing.

He checked again that Carmen was sound asleep in the sofa, before turning back to his screen. He could do this, be over and done with, before anyone else woke up and knew a thing. Considering he was just a hacker, there wasn’t anything else he could do, a fact that bothered him a bit too much. These people had put an innocent person through so much, and he could never do anything to them directly to make up for that.

But this, this he could do, and it would have to be good enough.


At first, everything within the Academy on the Isle of V.I.L.E. ran smoothly as ever, not a single thing out of place. The students went from class to class just like any other day, the faculty keeping idle watch over them while each sort of doing their own thing. No missions underway or planned for the day, and while their previous encounter with their former favorite child had gone awry, at least for the moment there was nothing she could screw up, considering she hadn’t been spotted in weeks.

No, this was a perfect day for the school’s headmasters to relax and work on their personal projects, without a care in the world until their next scheme.

At least, it was. For a time.

The first thing that went wrong was the sprinkler system, in the cafeteria, at lunch time. Maybe someone burned something, or the smoke detectors were just on the fritz, but either way, five angry teachers now had a few dozen drenched and whining teenagers and a cafeteria that looked like it’d been hit with a tsunami to deal with.

And sure, that was annoying, but it happens. They just sent the kids off to clean themselves up, and the janitors to clean the large room, and went back to minding their own business. No school or business building or even home was free from the occasional faulty mechanical thing needing replaced. They didn’t think much of it.

Then, only half an hour after that first happened, some of the lights burned out. Or, a lot of them. Half the hallways in the school just suddenly went dark, leaving half the students to think some sort of test was going on, and more annoyed teachers telling them to move on with their day while the janitors fixed the lights.

Then Dr Bellum got locked out of her Netflix account.

“Someone is messing with us!” She ended up yelling, shaking her fancy tablet in Dr Maelstrom’s face, to which he just grimaced and pushed the device away, while Bruno just look with a grimace over such inmature need.

“Are you sure you didn’t just put your password in wrong too many times again?”

Countess Cleo was the next to look over with an annoyed expression at the yelling, and add on with, “Technically, you shouldn’t even have that. Your constant videos are a bad influence on our students.”

“You can’t take my soaps away from me.” The now de-Netflix’d Dr grumbled back, but did give up on the bricked account and went for cat videos instead.

Of course, Youtube was now banned on their internet.

Both of the other teachers were pretty sure they went deaf at the noise she made then.

It only kept going downhill from there. The announcement speakers around the school started buzzing static for awhile, before playing on repeat a song some of the students explained as being a meme. About three repeats in, all of the adults were considering ripping out their own eardrums, and the students weren’t far behind.

The few high tech screens all over campus were next. The ones with maps of the school, or classes, or grades, all suddenly flickered to an extremely cringy and extremely long video montage of a kid narrating their adventures through Minecraft, complete with voice crack screaming whenever he fought a monster, and a lot of really bad jokes repeated a few too many times.

Countess Cleo’s phone was next. At full volume, at first it sounded as if it was ringing. But it soon turned out to actually be what seemed to be playing a constant advert channel, like paid programming on TV at five in the morning, except all it did was loudly play audio commercials for… less than savory products, or at least ones the students didn’t need to be hearing about. And of course, she couldn’t get past the lock screen, which was now rejecting her password or freezing half the time, and she couldn’t change the volume. And then, it started doing a high pitched sound that seemed to drive Diana insane, making her act irraticaly, to the point of attacking students at random, it turns out that her phone got installed a dog whistle add, and someone was sending commands to annoy the teachers.

Shadowsan ended up throwing it out the window just to stop dealing with Cleo' saluki.

Meanwhile, Coach Brunt was getting the worst of it. Her phone began pinging off with notifications left and right, almost giving itself a seizure with how often it was buzzing, and she glared at the screen with the most confused expression once it did finally unlock. “When did i subscribe to a dating app and how’d it end up on my phone?” She demanded, causing Dr Maelstrom to choke on his coffee, while Bruno try to hide his laughter.

“What… what notifications is it sending?”

The burly woman was unimpressed, and more than a little uncomfortable as she replied with, “It’s all men or women flirtin’ with me for some reason.”

“Who is doing this?!” Countess Cleo finally demanded, turning to Dr Bellum, who was back on her screens and desperately searching for the break in their security. She grinned unnervingly once she found it.

“We have a rat in our system.”



The teenage dalmatian was so engrossed in what he was doing, his paws flying across the tablet at mach speed, that he hadn’t heard her sister and siblings until her voice reached his ears. He reacted instantly, nearly startling out of his bed, and spun around to face Dolly and an unimpressed Crystal with a bit too much of a forced casual air and a face that gave it all away. “Uh, hi guys, uh, what are you doing?”

Crystal narrowed her eyes at him. “We just woke up. What are you doing?”

“Nothing?” He squeaked. Truth be told, Dylan was never good when it came to high pressure situations, especially to someone who knew him as well as they did. their gaze drew to the tablet behind him, the feed of code and a messy scattering of windows he couldn’t hide.

Ever so carefully, Crystal stood, and gave him a sharper look. “Dylan, what are you doing?”

He was caught red handed, and he knew it. “Uh, tormenting Carmen's former family…? Maybe?” He admitted, giving her a sheepish grin that came off as more of a grimace. His siblings gasped.

“Dylan, you know how dangerous that is! What if they track you?” Dawkins made his way to his side, looking over the tablet and then back at him with concern. “They won’t hesitate to send someone after us.”

“I know that, don’t worry. I’ve been careful.” The dalmatian reassured him, turning his back around properly. “Here, look. I’ve got like, six VPN’s running in a loop, and if they manage to bust through those, I’ve got it to look like I’m located on the island with them. Plus with their crazy security, they’ll believe it because they’ll think I have to be there to crack in like this.”

Dolly blinked. “Okay, so you are saying we’re safe.”

He nodded. “As far as they can see, I’m either their own system, or a ghost.”

“I thought you couldn’t hack them before, though? We couldn’t see their location despite the tablet Crystal gift us?”

“No, and I still can’t see where they are, or any of their important files or anything. But that’s the super secret evil villain stuff, the building itself and their personal phones are a breeze to get into.”

His siblings turned to look back at his screen. “So… What are you doing to them?”

Dylan grinned. “Here, I think I can get a video feed up.” His paws flew across the keys again, and after busting through a couple of popups that tried to tell him no, another window joined the other dozen. Unplugging his headset at the same time, the sounds of the faculty’s torment suddenly came through the speakers while they could see Shadowsan trying to pitch Coach Brunt’s phone out the window. Dr Bellum was screaming at her screens, Countess Cleo was holding her head like she had a headache, and Dr Maelstrom was trying to reach the speaker in the corner that was still playing an annoying song.

“Oh my dog.” Dolly couldn’t hold back an amazed laugh. “You weren’t kidding about tormenting them.”

“What did you think I was going to do when Crystal brought Carmen here? Messing with people is my specialty.”

She chuckled again at his proud and vaguely smug demeanor, before sobering. “Dylan, we do need to ask. Why?”

He blinked. “What?”

“She means, why are you tormenting them? I mean, it’s funny, but it doesn’t exactly stop them from being evil or anything.” Crystal explained, and Dylan looked away.

“It’s just,” He fidgeted with his paws, a behavior Dolly noticed a lot in since she spent a lot of time with him. “After dealing with Cruella, and after everything they did to Carmen, especially that last time. They don’t care at all, they act like she is the one that wronged them for not wanting to hurt people. And then Coach Brunt still has the nerve to claim she cares, or wants her back, when she just… when she tried to…”

The dalmatian’s voice was getting increasingly choked up as he tried to explain, his paws gesturing wildly as his words started to fail, and Dolly just lurched forward and hugged him tightly.

“I didn’t know it bothered you that much, bro. I thought those were things that others deal with, not yours.”

He hugged her back, albeit it much more gently considering his baggage. “Of course it bothers me, Dolly. I care a lot about this family.”

“And that’s why you feel the need to torment the people who have hurt my partner?” Crystal asked, chuckling slightly as she listened to Dr Bellum screaming about the rat she couldn’t find.

“Yup.” He didn’t even try to hide it at this point.

She smiled, and joined the hug with the rest of Dylan and Dolly' siblings. “You’re the best.”

They stayed like that for a moment, appreciating their bond and the fact they had each other in their lives. Crystal was the first to pull away, and gave Dylan a devilish grin.

“Want to know how to really get under Coach Brunt’s skin?”

Dylan’s eyes widened, and then his smug smirk returned to match hers. He gestured invitingly to the tablet. “Please, feel free to share.” And she did, moving to type out her own karmic retribution under the dalmtians’ watchful gaze.


Back on the island, Coach Brunt’s phone had been successfully taken from her and thrown out the window only after she’d managed to send a scathing rant to one of the women hitting on her, and the speakers still hadn’t gotten knocked down yet, still playing that blasted song. As such, it was a relief when they suddenly fizzled to static and turned off, and the faculty collectively breathed a sigh of relief.

“Is that is? Dr Bellum, did you manage to shut out the rat?”

“I don’t know. Everything just, stopped.”

There was another beat of silence, and then at once, the remaining two teachers’ phones came to life as well. One started playing a very loud video about a fan of Triple D reacting to one of their commercials, and the other started playing an audio book about a very stereotypical cowboy who was supposed to be Texan, but only a few lines in, Coach Brunt started yelling.

“That’s not a Texas accent! That’s Georgia for crying out loud! It’s different!”

And then the speakers came back.

“And today, we’re going to discuss why The Mandalorian is a great show…”

Needless to say, it didn’t take long for the rest of the devices to get smashed, all while a certain family of dalmatians and a siamese cat laughed until they couldn’t breathe.

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