SUMMARY: Now that the Annecy Festival is happening, i wanted to make a story to pass the time so we can get ready to see if 101 Dalmatian Street gets renewed. This is inspired by the Not so Black and White AU.

101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting


Team Red’s HQ-- April 23rd, 2020. 10:35 am

Shadowsan came into the kitchen where Carmen, Zack and Ivy were sitting at their kitchen table. Carmen noticed that Shadowsan was holding a very familiar object in his left hand, and she smirked.

“I see you kept it all this time.” She mused.

“Kept what?” Zack asked, with his mouth full of cereal. Ivy slapped her little brother’s shoulder with a frown on her face.

“Ow!” Zack yelped.

Carmen smiled at the scene in front of her with the siblings began having yet another cat fight. Shadowsan grunted, unamused.

“I am suddenly regretting ever joining you.” He said, as they both continued to watch Zack and Ivy have their ridiculous duel.

“Zack and Ivy have proven themselves many times. You just weren’t there for most of those moments.” Carmen said, frowning up at him. The scarlet thief turned back to the Bostonians, who have finally stopped fighting.

“Anyway, why did you keep the flashdrive? I thought you would’ve thrown it away or something.” Carmen said, looking at Shadowsan skeptically.

“It's not that flashdrive, this one have some recordings you might want to see, Crystal thinks you might enjoy it.” Shadowsan said, smiling at his practically adopted daughter.

Carmen shared the smile with him. “Wow..Well, Shadowsan. I’m quite flattered.” She said, chuckling.

Ivy interrupted their father-daughter like moment. “So, what are ya waitin’ for?! Play it!”

“HECK YEAH!” Zack yelled, pumping his fist in the air.

Carmen craned her back to meet Shadowsan’s annoyed look fixated at Zack. “C’mon, play it! It’s not that bad.” She said, crossing her arms over her chest.

‘At least I hope it isn’t.’ Carmen thought to herself.

Shadowsan sighed. “Very well. But I must warn you-some things in these recordings may be embarrassing for some.”

Carmen snorted. “Being embarrassed sounds better than being almost crushed to death by your former mother figure.” She said, while shivering at that memory.

Shadowsan hummed. “Fair enough.”

Shadowsan plugged the flashdrive into Carmen’s laptop and set it somewhere where all of them could see it. When the videos were completely downloaded, he pressed the “play” button.

(Camera opens to Dylan, Dolly and DJ standing in the pond. Crystal and Da Vinci were standing off to the side by the water.)

Dylan threw the football he was holding, and it went so far into the air that it landed in the water on another beach area.

“WHAT THE HECK DJ?!” Dylan shouted.

“....Who?” DJ asked.

Meanwhile, Crystal and Da Vinci were both laughing at this.

“OH GOODNESS MINE! I don’t really get it, but that was funny!” Crystal said in between laughs.

They all stared at her in shock. Dolly walked over to Crystal and placed a hand on her shoulder. She sighed. “Crystal, you have a lot to learn.. About the world of memes.”

Zack and Ivy stared at Carmen in shock. Before Zack spoke up.

“Wait..Carm, you never taught Crystal about memes?!” He exclaimed, throwing his hands frantically in the air.

Carmen rolled her eyes. “What did you expect? When being raised in a school for thieves, and only being taught core lessons, do you really think they would teach me memes?” She asked, arching an eyebrow at the red-headed boy.

Zack paused, then snapped back into reality. “Okay, good point.”

(Diana, holding a mop she clearly stole from the cleaners with a bucket on her head, looking kinda dizzy and glaring at the camera)

“I think i deserve an explanation here!” Diana shouted.

Carmen shrugged her shoulders. “I mean, in general, she isn’t wrong.” She said.

Shadowsan nodded. “Yes, since we know who owns her.”

Meanwhile, Zack and Ivy were cracking up. Tears started to drip from their eyes from laughing so hard.

“A squirrel was around your room before you came...” Bruno said, bluntly.

(The camera switches to the vidfeed of Diana chasing Bruno with the mop in her mouth as she was chasing him in anger.)

“AAAAAAAAHHHH” Diana screeched.

“How come I wasn’t there to see that?” Carmen asked Shadowsan.

Shadowsan huffed. “You were in your room, presumably “studying”.” He said, while he knew what she was really up to looking back.

“Let me guess-talking to Player.”


Ivy frowned.“Speaking of the kid, where is he?” She asked, wondering why Player hasn’t called them at all this morning.

“He’s probably doing homework.” Carmen said, checking her phone to see if Player’s icon was green. But it wasn’t. It was still red.

Ivy hummed. “Makes sense.”

“Yuuup.” Carmen said, before playing the next video.

“Yo, Yukon, yer husband’s callin’” Blutus said to Yukon, who was currently watching Shadowsan's class.

The wolfdog just spared a glance at him and glared. “He is NOT my husband!”

Not even a second later, Yukon took the phone from Blutus and held it up to her ear.

Yukon smiled. “Hey, sweetie.”

“Wait..those two were already married?” Zack asked, not really sure about them being in a a romantic way at least.

“Zack, they were married before i enrolled there, why are you asking me?” Carmen said, frowning at the screen.

Zack brushed his chin in thought. “Well they do make a good couple, though.”

Ivy snorted. “Since when did you become a matchmaker?” She asked, ruffling Zack’s hair.

Zack swatted her hand away. “Ever since Jules came along.” He said. “I mean, Carm is so into her.”

“Excuse me?” Carmen countered.

“Uhhh...nothing Carm!” Ivy said, scratching the back of her neck.

“Ivy..” Carmen said in a warning tone.

Ivy nervously laughed, grabbing the remote and picking a random video. “Next vid!”

(Camera opens to Sheena with Scarlett and Black Sheep on campus of VILE Academy. Black Sheep, who was recording, held up a soda can)

“Hey Sheena, you want some?” Black Sheep asked, giving the can to Sheena.

(Sheena takes the can. And realizes it doesn’t have any soda in it)

“You jerk this is empty!” Sheena said, throwing the can into the main hallway of the academy through the main entrance.


“Wait..what happened to the can?” Zack asked Carmen, glancing at her.

Carmen chuckled. “It hit Gray in the head.”

Ivy hissed. “Ouch.”

Carmen nodded. “Mhm.”

(Camera opens to Jean-Paul and Antonio sitting in one of VILE’s hot tubs.)

Sheena, who was recording, zoomed in on them. “Two bros chillin’ in a hot tub~ five feet apart ‘cause they are hiding nothing!”

”Wait, Carm, how long have those two been together?”

“Ever since the school year started.” Carmen replied, paying attention to the screen and not Zack.

“Really? That long?”


Just as they were about to play the next video, Player popped up on Carmen’s laptop screen.

Carmen smiled, seeing that Player is finally back online. “Hey, Player.”

Player returned the smile. “Hey, Red. What’d I miss?”

Carmen playfully rolled her eyes. “You and your Hamilton references.”

Player laughed. “Sorry, I’m just really into it now. But, seriously, what did I miss?” He said, leaning back in his desk chair.

“Home videos.” Zack and Ivy said in sync.

“They aren’t wrong.” Carmen said, snickering.

Player smirked. “Oh? Do tell.”


April 28, 2020



"Please just check!"

"Shadowsan isn't coming home for another half hour."

Both siblings sighed, not ceasing their pestering. Carmen huffed, swirling her mug of hot chocolate. Ever since Shadowsan had brought out that freakin' hard drive, the twins had not stopped begging for more videos. Player piped up from his display on the laptop.

"Could we watch just a few videos without him? I mean, we don't need him to watch them..."

Carmen thought about it for a moment, then gave in.


Zack and Ivy cheered victoriously, jumping on The Scarlet Thief in excitement. Player laughed, taking a few photos of Carmen's shocked face as she was swamped in red-heads and sent them to Shadowsan. Carmen wiggled free, only released under the explanation that she had to plug in the drive. Player took control of the process, swiping through the layers of files as Zack and Ivy whispered energetically to one another.

As the siblings finally settled down, Player selected a random video.

The video was centered on Dylan as he is busy focusing on his tablet, from the looks of it, he is inside his treehouse.

After a few seconds, Dolly slams open the door, partially covered in mud. She looked slightly panicked, but otherwise okay.

"Dolly, what did you do now?"

Dylan turned away from the tablet, amusement played across his face.

"Oh no," Giggled Carmen

"What did those idiots do this time?"

The dalmatian closed the door behind her with a slam.

"Just had a wonderful night of being close to death thats all."

"...why are we friends?"

Dylan deadpanned, making her step-sister smile.

Player started laughing, while Ivy shouted

"I ask Carmen that EVERY DAY!"

"What kind of friends are we?"

"Well, what's the difference?"

“A good friend will help you move, but your best friend will help with making a distraction.”

Dylan paused, staring blankly at her for a moment. Dolly just smiled, waiting for him. He sighed.

“I’ll go get the crash dummy with fake blood.”

Zack and Ivy kept laughing.

"Oh my god!"

"What the hell is wrong with them?"

"Nothing, that was beautiful!"

The second video loaded up, cutting off their laughter.

The scene was set in Countess Cleo's classroom, Butch helping the Diana prepare for an outing of some kind. The saluki was dressed quite elegantly in a long dark green gown with silvery accents. She sat in front of a large mirror, talking excitedly to Butch as she re-adjusted her necklace. He was helping her groom her hair, looking absolutely star-struck.

"Those two were in love with each other my whole life."

Commented Carmen, slowly stirring her hot chocolate.

"I think everyone else knew it except them."

"Pair of idiots..."

Ivy muttered.

Carmen snorted as she took a sip of her drink, and started gagging as she chocked, which made Zack and Player laugh.

"You are right."

The thief coughed out.

“You look so gorgeous....”

“I try not to, but it keeps happening”

They all started laughing again, and Ivy yelled

"LOVE!!!! BUGS!!!!"

Diana laughed, then give him a surprise kiss in his muzzle. She started laughing again as Butch was flushing and tried to hide his face.

"You're so cute.."

"Damn! Get some pooch!"

Player called, making Carmen laugh even harder.

The next video started quickly, giving the others little time to react.

The screen showed Black Sheep and her fellow dorm-mates hanging out in their room, studying and/or reading. El Topo and Le Chevre are sitting close together, talking to quietly. The topic of their conversation wasn't audible to the camera, but apparently Black Sheep overheard. She looked up, confused, and asked

"Why is everyone so with sharing beds? I’d just be excited to have a bunk bed.”

"Poor, innocent Carm."

Cooed Zack as Player tugged a bag of White Cheddar popcorn out from a cabinet.

"What? I didn't know, okay? The Faculty didn't exactly give the talk."

"It's okay Carmen."

Soothed Ivy, patting her head like a puppy.

"You were a pure little bean."

"Not for long though..."

Player called, making them all laugh again.

The others stared at her blankly for a moment, in various states of amusement. El Topo started laughing, shaking his head, and Le Chevre quickly joined in. Black Sheep, still confused, blurted out


“I'm gonna tell her.”

Simon giggled out. Bailey glared at him.

“Don't you dare.”


Shouted Player, throwing popcorn at his camera

"Party pooper!"

Carmen blushed a dark red as the other three laughed, dropping her face in her hands.

The fourth video showed Dolly alongside Yukon, the wolfdog sitting down as she watched the dalmatian. Dolly is pacing around, talking to her, clearly upset.

“I'm a miserable failure.”


Cried Zack in alarm

"No you're not!"

"Wow, RUDE!"

Yelled Ivy, angry about the situation.

“I messed with Dylan today.”

“Yes, yes you did.”

She stops pacing, glaring at Yukon.

“I could use some words of encouragement.”

She just smiles, and says.

“Yes, yes you could.”

"She was always a smug one."

A new voice said behind them, making them all shriek and flail ungracefully on the couch. Player split his popcorn in his fright, to which he and Zack immediately started mouring.

"mmm whacha' saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay"

Sang Ivy apologetically, breaking off in laughter as Zack punched her in the shoulder, looking offended.

"This is a SERIOUS MATTER Ivy!"


cried Player dramatically, flopping back in his chair in defeat.

Shadowsan sighed, used to this now.

"I apologize for your popcorn fatality Player."

"Nah, it's fine."

The hacker said happily, reaching into the cabinet again.

"I have another bag."

Carmen started laughing again, Zack and Ivy quickly following suit.

Shadowsan sighed, but settled down in an empty spot to watch.

The VILE SQUAD is practicing in the Gym under the watchful eye of Coach Brunt. They appear to be trying to fight off a swarm of training robots. Their pets watching them from afar.

“So how is Gray looking?” Simon says.

Jamie, without looking up, says

“Sexy, but not like they’re trying to hard. I mean, we are trying, but it's almost effortless”


Shouted Carmen, knocking into Ivy as she flung her arms out.

Simon face-paws, and in the background Scarlett starts laughing. Bailey just rolls his eyes.

"Stay on topic Jamie."

"Okay, he has redeemed himself!"

Player shouted. Zack nodded in agreement.

The ninja scowled, not getting the reference.

"Don't worry Shadowsan, I didn't understand vine references until I made friends in the Academy."


Shouted Zack, looking appalled.

"But I've been quoting vines non-stop since we met!"

"I've taken to ignoring your words if they don't make sense."



Called Player, making them stop for a moment.

"We have a NEW MISSION: Educate Shadowsan in the ways of the VINE!"

Shadowsan sighed as the others cheered

This was going to be a LOOOOOOOOOOONG day.....


Extra clip.

Dolly: "Here we have Agent Devineaux in his natural habitat."

Chase attempts to catch Crystal who is in top of a tree, only to fall.

Dolly: "So mom, what's your opinion."

Delilah: "Obviously proof that despite years of improvement, they are still humans that makes you wonder how are they are still alive."

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