SUMMARY: Here is the second part. This is inspired by the Not so Black and White AU.

101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting


Ivy: Come on Player, another one!

Player: Alright, but if Shadowsan wakes up is on you.

Zack: Got it.

(Camera opens to a cave, some of the pups are under watch by Yukon's pack, Dallas has a smug grin, as Diesel is busy digging.)

Diesel: Hey i found something!

Wolf 1: Really, what is it?

(Diesel digs out a wind up toy.)

Wolf 2: How did you get that?

(Dallas tries to leave while the wolves are confused only to get pin down by a black paw.)

Yukon: Really?

Dallas: Admit it, it was a good plan!

Yukon: No, it wasn't.

Carmen: She is right, it wasn't a good plan.

Ivy: Hey gives her props at least.

Zack: When did that happen?

Player: Remember when we tried to stop V.I.L.E. from using the Carnival to smuggle those diamonds?

Zack: Oh, right.

(Camera opens to a house where, Crystal, Dylan and Dolly are inside.)

Dylan: So, let me get this straight, you want Dolly to be part of a beauty pageant?

Crystal: Yes.

(Dolly looks in shock at Crystal.)

Dolly: Are you kidding me, why would i do that!?

(Crystal shows a picture of a shelter in her tablet.)

Crystal: Because, is the only way to avoid millions of puppies ending up in the street?

Dolly: Now you are going to guilt trip me, into doing this?

Crystal: I guess, you don't have any other choice.

Ivy: That feels unfair.

Carmen: I disagree, it was for the benefit of others.

Ivy: Did she need to bring up that puppies were going to end up homeless?

Carmen: I never said that it was going to nice.

(Camera opens to the park, several of the puppies are playing with some of the cubs from Yukon's pack.)

Doug: Do you feel, this weird honey?

Delilah: How exactly Doug?

Doug: I mean, i was expecting that some of the pups were going to be scared of a wolf?

Delilah: Please, if Dylan and Dolly can trust her, we can do the same too.

Doug: You are right, besides she actually scared off Clarissa when she started to get snobby again.

Delilah: I know, it was for the best.

Ivy: Oh, yeah remember when that corgi was looking through that hole in the fence.

Carmen: Yes, and how Yukon was in front of her, and started to growl.

Ivy: Man, i was even wondering why no one bother to look?

Carmen: I guess everyone hated to corgi.

In another part of the base

Shadowsan rolled over, pressing the pillow over his ears in a futile attempt to drown out the laughter coming from down the hall. All he asked for was a full night of sleep.

Like THAT was ever going to happen while living with these crazies.

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