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101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: D-103 by Drake D Hero

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting


Master Thief characters sheets:

Bailey - A Estrela Mountain Dog, who helps El Topo during his missions, despite being a slow thinker, he is a force to not mess around with, however his slow reactions make him easy to deal with.

Simon - A Mucuchí who is paired with Le Chevre, he tends to jump into action to quickly, and gets distracted, however when it comes to puzzle he is very smart, making him very reliable.

Scarlett - A Cimarron, who works for Tigress, she is a brute when it comes to deal with intruders, but acts as having one track mind, and let her temper take a hold of her, making it a problem as she is tricked constaly.

Chikao - A Kishu working for Paper Star, she is loyal to a degree, but unlike her owner she is more calm and sane, however she still is willing to eliminate intruders by any means, no matter the cost.

Jack, Honey, Kabu and Mittens - Respectively a Nebelung (male), Ragdoll (female), Siberian (male) and a kitten British Shorthair (female), who aid Bellum in her plans of taking over the world, despite their constant fighting, they are indeed close and help eachother out.

Akshay - A Chinook Dog, who works for ACME, he is the most recent rookie, despite being new he had shown to have a lot of loyalty for his companions, and is willing to help Team Carmen in their adventures.


D-103 characters sheets:

Niche, Laura and Emily - Respectively, a Keeshond (male), a Toy Poodle (female) and a Maltese (female), they tend to be around Velvet anytime they are in the park, enjoying spending time with Dalmatian family, and helping them in their adventures.

Denise and Aldrin - Pair of siblings, a Briquet Griffon (male) and a Brittany (female), they are like every normal siblings, just like Dylan and Dolly they bicker a lot, but they are more easier to defuse, also that they are more naive and believe a lot of fake stuff made by others, still they are both spoiled sweets who enjoy playing with others.

Andrew and Anne - A Braque d'Auvergne and French Spaniel respectively, they are both the foster parents of Denise and Aldrin, they care about eachother and try to act as caring parents for their childrens, they had their ups and down, but they love them anyway, still they are willing to spend time with them and love having fun.

Lenny - A Chow Chow, he is not the sharpest tool in the shed, and tends to get himself distracted while playing, but he is indeed a good friend who enjoys helping someone out.

Emma - A Curly Retriever who is a stray, she has issues trusting others due to being abandoned at a young age, still she is willing to aid anyone who is in danger, and won't stop at her mission.

Craig - A Norfolk Terrier, shy and most of the skittish, he prefers staying at his house that going to the park, mostly due to the Dalmatian family always causing a ruckus, despite this, he has no problem in being part of their plans.

Dana - A Apple Head Chihuahua with a short temper, she always looks for a fight agains anyone who gives her one crooked look, still she can calm down and listen to someone's plight without issue and help when she can.

Soren - A Lagotto Romagnolo pet of a rich family, not used to be at the outdoors of Camden, despite this he has no problem in making friends quick, unfortunaly he is a bit naive and has issues finding the difference between friend and foe, still he is a good friend willing to stand up for what he believes.

Michel and Larisa - A Whippet and American Curl, respectively a male dog and a female cat who are very much in love and live in an old house with their adopted kitties and puppies, there are mostly visited by Deepak who is glad to found a couple that accept both dogs and cats.


Ask/RP Blogs OCs that i like:

Lyonet - An artist Bull Terrier, she’s not fan of rough crowds because she’ll be annoyed or having difficult times with them, she’s friends with the dalmatians, mainly Da Vinci and Deepak. Outside of her tough and loner appearance, she has good, loyal heart. She also can speak Japanese occasionally. Her home is a hollow tree in the park.

B-12561 "Bea" - An unwitting Beagle escapee from an American laboratory. They were transferred to the UK along with the other beagles in their facility. Bea was locked in a pet carrier en-route to De Vil Industries' HQ in London along with the other beagles from the laboratory. A group of animal rights activists attempted to intercept the truck carrying the beagles. In the process, the activists rammed their bus into the side of the truck, causing its back door to fling open and Bea's carrier to fall out unnoticed. The carrier was discovered outside by Dizzy and Dee Dee, who gave the beagle the name "Bea" (because B-12561 took too long to say). Bea is burdened with heavy trauma from their days in laboratory testing. They speak in a weak, whispery voice in broken doglish, because barking in the laboratory was subject to "punishment." They're prone to entering catatonic states, flashbacks, hallucinations, and emotional breakdowns. Their default facial expression is one of emotionless stupor, but in reality they're just a scared puppy with a heart full of love. They want to trust others and be happy again, but they're afraid. The Dalmatian family took them in and tried to help rehabilitate them.

Beni - A Borzoi ninja, always maintains a stoic expression, and doesn’t really talk except when necessary. She is part of an urban "clan" of ninja dogs and cats who protect London.

Akira - An hybrid of a Dalmatian dog and a White wolf. A adventurer at heart, he seeks to help others and looking for opponents worthy for him, despite his tough exterior, he is friendly and loves hanging out with the Dalmatian family.

Tabitha Tibbs - The great-great-great granddaughter of Sgt. Tibbs. She's an avid explorer and Dalmatian Family history buff. She's an excitable tomboy and also a huge nerd. She considers herself "one of the dogs".


Master Thief:

  • Dolly keeps insisting on getting a codename, Dylan think is ridiculous.
  • Everyone on 101 Dalmatian Street seems to enjoy having around Zack in the house due to how funny he can be.
  • While Dylan understand that Carmen is a thief who steals from V.I.L.E., he still wishes for better ways to stop them.
  • They both enjoy the adventures that Carmen and Crystal go, even if they are dangerous.
  • The reason everyone in the family know about Carmen Sandiego is because Dolly having no in-door voice, it wasn't her finest hour.
  • Dawkins enjoys learning from Crystal how to make gadgets, mostly because it makes his job easier.
  • One thing good about their job is how they get to meet dogs from around the world, mostly to learn new languages.
  • Dolly seems to try to make Shadowsan teach her some cool ninja moves, but he constanly refuses to.
  • Dylan and Zack are into memes, much to the frustation of their siblings.
  • Zack, Dylan and Player constantly quoting vines with Carmen having absolutely no idea what's going on, and Dolly face-palming everytime.
  • Dolly thinks that the idea of dabbing after a mission is dumb, mostly in how silly it looks.
  • Zack is always wondering how does Carmen accepts the fact that dogs are helping her.
  • Carmen seems to have no problem in drinking tea with Hugo, mostly because it allows the Dalmatians to make fun of Clarissa behind her back.
  • Player once accidentally went 72 hours without eating any food, so Carmen told Crystal if that happens again, to claw his face to wake him up.
  • Despite Gray losing his memories, his dog Jamie was able to escape and keep his memories, since then he makes sure he doesn't get hurt again.
  • Carmen once passed out, so Dylan and Dolly sneak her into the hospital where her mother works, it was hard but she believe them, so she didn't ask where they found the human.
  • Dizzy and Dee Dee are huge fans of Carmen, to the point of making drawings of her, their parents are confused over how they learned about her.
  • During their trip to Australia, Jamie started with the wrong paw with both Dylan and Dolly, but after stopping Doctor Bellum, he became their friend.
  • Zack once drank a gallon of milk, then one hour later he throw up, most to Dylan's frustation.
  • Brain is indeed glad to have friends like Crystal and the Dalmatians, mostly as he hates being bored.
  • Delilah and Doug, while they aren't fans of Carmen due to her nature as a thief, they respect her good intentions.
  • Some of the wolves from Yukon's pack, act like a bunch of overprotecting parents, mostly towards Dorothy.
  • Shadowsan seems to know about some of the history behind the Dalmatian family, but he won't tell.
  • Hunter and Cruella used to be members of V.I.L.E., but Cruella retired but keep contanct with them in case she needed help, Hunter quit after seeing their evil plans against the Dalmatian family.
  • Carmen tends to hug Dorothy when she feels stressed, it helps her a lot.
  • The Dalmatian family have no problem in hacking V.I.L.E.'s headquarters for a cheap laugh.



  • Dekker has a soft spot for Dorothy, to the point of building forts to keep her safe.
  • Dylan and Galina are always head over heels for eachother, it becomes very annoying to others as they're afraid to admit it.
  • Dayton is always recording everything in Camden for his family, Dekker needs to keep him away from the street to keep him safe.
  • Dolly seems to enjoy being around Dayton and his friends during movie night, as some of the movies are great.
  • Dylan loves to use the console that Dayton plays with, as some of the games catch his eye.
  • Sam enjoys being around Dolly, mostly as he thinks she is cool, Dolly thinks the same, but both won't admit it.
  • Callum alongside his gang constaly clash with Pearl, mostly over how according to her they are breaking the law, but in their eyes they are helping people.
  • Donna enjoys not having to take care of the garden Skylar's family owns, as she prefers hanging out with Dolly in the park.
  • Velvet is in charge of caring for other twelve puppies from different breeds when she is at the park, who love spending time with the Dalmatian family.
  • Amaruq constaly tries to stay away from Dizzy and Dee Dee, unfortunaly Diesel is able to track him down easily.
  • Dayton has a gang form by TK, Nel, Ray and Skylar, they are always hanging out in Camden after school hours, they mostly like to help the Dalmatians on their adventures because of how funny they are.
  • Three more people join them later, a ballerina who aspires to become a professional, a biker girl who enjoys protecting others and a kid who wants to be an artist as he keep drawing a lot of things from Camden.
  • Dayton tends to dealt with Pearl anytime that Dolly gets in trouble, she doesn't hate him, but she would like that he steps his foot down more often.
  • Dayton also knows Hansel's owner who is a poet interested in having people love his poetry, Portia's owner who mostly prefers solitude than talking to people and Constantin's who actually spends a lot of time outside his house.
  • Hugo has no problem in inviting Dayton for tea, he just have issues with the Dalmatians.
  • Clarissa always mocks Dayton for being friends with Dylan and Dolly, Dekker loves to make a fool out of her as payback.
  • Roxy and Snowball admit that Dekker is cool on his own way, but Dolly has problems with that.
  • Hunter at the beggining hated Dayton for interfiering with his plans, but after helping him save the Dalmatians he started to become friends with him.
  • Cruella is considered be Dayton and friends to be scary, mostly over how inhuman she looks like, he had also earned her hatred after stopping her.
  • Turns out that Roger and Anita have descendants who are really good friends with Dayton, unfortunaly there also descendants of Jasper and Horace who are helping the De Vil family get revenge at the Dalmatian family.
  • A group of four cats who doesn't have any problem with dogs, likes to hang out with DJ and Da Vinci, it actually surprises Dylan.
  • Dayton has no problem in letting the friends of the Dalmatian puppies get inside the house, as Doug and Delilah likes to take care of them.
  • Dekker does felt angry that Cruella forgot about Hunter after he was stuck inside the container for six months.
  • Having more friends means that Dolly can have more companions on her crazy stunts.
  • Pearl is trying to train a new rookie who wants to be a deputy, despite that he is still learning the rules about being a police officer.
  • Some of the Dalmatians tends to sneak into Dayton's school in his backpack to explore it.
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