SUMMARY: I made these characters on my own, so if you want to use them, make it clear that they were made by me, so before you use them on a fanfiction or a comic just do that, except for the characters who already belong to their original owners who i won't include.

101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: D-103 by Drake D Hero

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting


Master Thief characters sheets:

Bruno - He is a black Norwegian Elkhound with several scars across his body, he is known to be a savage in battle, and he uses cheats to win in his competitions, even if it means to hurt others, he enjoys to torment others and his enemies shivering in fear.

Diana - A golden Saluki, who believes to be deserving of royal treatment, she considers anyone below her to be nothing more than garbage, she mostly let others to do her dirty work as she is obsessed to keep her beauty in place and gets angry towards anyone who touches her fur except Countless Cleo.

Igor - A brown Tibetan Mastiff, despite his giant size he is very helpful to Doctor Bellum in her lab, unlike his owner, he has the intellect of a seagull, despite this he is a strong fighter willing to protect his allies from V.I.L.E. no matter the situation.

Blutus - A tan American Mastiff, who is seen as being Coach Brunt's biggest achievement, he is know as being one of V.I.L.E. is most ferocius guard dogs and he lives to his name as he takes down intruders with his own strengh.

Yukon - A brown Northern Inuit Dog, who belongs to Shadowsan, she is his most trusted companions, to the point he lets her roam without issue, she is in charge of her own pack of wolves, who alongside her mate, Fang a grey wolf, takes care of a litter of five wolf cubs, she tends to be direct and serious toward the young.

Smith - A Alaskan Malamute who acts as an enforcer for V.I.L.E. who is sent alongside some of the operatives to act as a guard dog, he is vicious and has a short temper who doesn't tolerates seeing people slacking at their job, he acts out of instinct and considers any ally of Carmen to be a fool.

Pip - A Vizsla who works for ACME, despite their methods to bring Carmen Sandiego and aid them in taking down V.I.L.E. he is actually a nice and calm dog who seeks to get help by cooperating instead of dragging them, he is serious at his job and has no problem in helping children along the way.

Fuzzy - A Spinone Italiano, who is Pip's companion, he tends to act as his sidekick and tends to follow his plans, he is scaredy and bumbling who tends to jump into fast conclusions which are terrible for ACME.

Corissa - A Drentsche Patrijshond, who works for ACME, despite her lady-like manners she is a serious workers who makes sure to help field agents to capture any stolen loots from V.I.L.E., she is deep down a sweet dog who put the well being of other before her and has no problem of keeping the Dalmatians' secrets.


D-103 characters sheets:

Galina - A Russian Spaniel who belongs to the wife of a veteran of the Russian Army, she tends to act motherly to the dalmatians, specially Dizzy and Dee Dee, she showns to be worrisome and puts their needs before her, but she's not afraid of speaking her mind.

Ivan - A Moscow Watchdog who used to be a military animal from the Russian Army, despite his hardships he still keeps a jovial attitude, mostly to Galina, he acts protective in front of children willing to be a bulward for them, he also stops his own retirement anytime he helps Pearl in a case.

La-Mo - A Himalayan cat who belongs to a painter, as her name translates, she is very fierce towards strangers, mostly to anyone who set their sights on her daughter Cali, despite this, she is willing to let some of the Dalmatians like Deepak to hang out with her, and let Dylan and Dolly to take care of her.

Sam - A English Pointer who tends to watch over some of the stores in Camdem Town, he seems interested in using his job to play with D.J and Da Vinci, most of the time his is hired by Snowball just so she can spend time away from her owner.

Donna - A Beagle who lives in a bistro, she is very calm and is the mascot of the place, she enjoys the company of the dalmatians, specially Triple D, as she enjoys their personality, and is very fond of Delgado.

Callum - A Irish Wolfhound, who leads a gang with other five dogs (a Kuvasz, a Fila Brasileiro, a Pitbull Terrier, a Bernese and a Dogo Argentino), who tends to attack dogcatchers who target puppies, despite his rude and aloner personality, his cares deeply for any kids he picks along the road, even through he finds Dylan to be very wimpy and Dolly having trouble focusing.

Linka - A Kuvasz who is part of Callum's gang, she is known as being his second in command, and unlike him, she shows her emotions in front of others, and doesn't mind any of the dalmatians to sleep on her fur, she enjoys being around Dorothy.

Langston - A Harlequin Great Dane, who despite his old age he stills shows a huge care for any bystander in danger, some of the dalmatians (mostly Dizzy, Dee Dee, Da Vinci and Dawkins) enjoys to hear his stories of being a former pet to an old detective from Scotland Yard, even if he sometimes forget to put a filter in some of them.

Hilda - A Newfoundland who works as a therapy pet at the same hospital with Delilah, she is very mindful of the children she cares about and is fond of the Delilah's puppies, with most of them calling her granny, she acts very motherly towards Dorothy as she is the youngest of them.

Amaruq - A grey Utonagan, who lives in the cementery of Camden, he is an aloner who seeks most of the time solitude, but not out of anger, he actually tries to avoid conflict so he prefers to stay alone so he can't hurt anyone, unfortunaly he always pestered by Dizzy and Dee Dee who doesn't seem to undestand that he is considered dangerous by humans, anytime he is in town he is always by the side of a Chessie Bay Retriever called Velvet who acts as his voice of reason and tries to make sure he has friends while making sure he doesn't hurt any bystanders, she is of course aware of how dangerous he is and she makes sures that some of the Dalmatians don't play to rough on him, she alongiside Dorothy, Dylan and Dolly, are the only dogs who he enjoys their companionship.

Toby, Nikky, Milo, Laki, Fluffy and Anki - A Toller Retriever (male), Cuvac (female), Schnauzer (male), Cockapoo (female), Belgian Sheepdog (male) and Saarloos wolfdog (female), they are a group of stray puppies, who tend to cause mischief with the dalmatians, but they also willing to help them when they are in trouble, even despite they enter their home without notice, sometimes being cared by Doug and Delilah out of kindness, treating them like part of the family.

Snuffy, Evelyn and Mimon - A Snowshoe Rabbit, a American Mink and a Noctule Bat, the former is a cranky but brave rabbit who has no problem in getting others out of a jam, a mink who acts like a responsible but relaxed lady and the latter is a lazy but kind bat who is willing to help others despite his sleepyness.


Master Thief Headcannons:

  • Most of the time Dolly is the one who is more onboard with Team Carmen's heist, Dylan on the other hand only does it because he doesn't want anyone who joins her to be hurt.
  • Ivy absolutely loves dogs, this is why most of the time she has no problem always being in 101 Dalmatian Street, and no of the puppies has trouble indulging her.
  • The first time that Carmen meet Dorothy, her heart melted, she actually try to brough her on one of her trips, it took a lot for Crystal, Dylan and Dolly, to brough her back and next time to warn them first of something like that.
  • Most of the puppies actually enjoy Zack and Ivy singing karaoke, DJ is one of their biggest fans.
  • Brain refuses to reveal any info about Player's real identity, not out of concern but because is funny making people frustated in guessing his real name.
  • Dolly alongside the puppies make fun of Devineaux behind his back, while Pearl makes it clear that she doesn't like his recklessness.
  • Crystal after hearing what happened to Dawkins' Princess Positron she brought him a new one.
  • After the situation with Cruella, Dolly shows more anger at Countess Cleo, as she feels that just like Cruella she is nothing more that monster who seeks to make riches at the expense of innocent puppies.
  • Both Dylan and Dawkins are grade-a hackers who enjoy making fun of V.I.L.E. operatives by messing with them by hacking any place they stand to scare them off.
  • Dylan and Dolly are surprised to find out that Shadowsan is actually a good guy, but while Dolly enjoys the idea of hanging out with samurai, Dylan is more freaked out of being close to a previous criminal.
  • The first time that the Dalmatians meet Shadowsan's Wolfdog Yukon their reactions vary, Dylan is having a panic at being to close to an actual Wolfdog, Dolly instead is excited to meet one in real life, the other pups think she is cool, Yukon seems to be at least mildly annoyed by them.
  • The reason why the rest of the puppies know about Dylan, Dolly and Dawkins' adventure with Crystal and the she is the pet of Carmen Sandiego, is because she blurted out by accident, Dylan and Dawkins weren't surprised actually.
  • Clarissa once tried to take a peek on Team Carmen, Yukon scared her inmediatly, since then she assumes that a Wolfdog is watching her.
  • Both Dylan and Dawkins were actually outraged that Coach Brunt wanted to use a terracotta soldier as a towel rack and were amazed that Bellum can actually clone a dinosaur, Dolly had to remind them to not lose focus on the mission.
  • Doug and Delilah assume that Carmen is just a normal girl who likes to visit Camden, they don't know about her actual identity as a master thief.
  • Shadowsan's first interactions with Dalmatian puppies was kinda awkward, basically Yukon and her pack kidnapped some of the puppies and when he entered his hideout he saw how Yukon and some of her wolves were playing with them.


D-103 Headcannons:

  • Dekker show most of the time that he doesn't tolerates Dolly, but he can show kindness to her anytime she shows actual guilt or depression in front of him, he also willing of helping the other puppies when they are in trouble and hanging out with them.
  • Dylan tries to impress Galina anytime she is around him, his efforts don't usally work but she is always making it clear that she likes how he is, she is also interested in playing Poodlewolf, through she doesn't understand the game.
  • Galina and Sam are part of Dolly's group of friends alongside Roxy and Snowball, but according to Roxy, Sam is actually being more close to Dolly, Snowball assumes that it means she's getting over Hansel, he is actually very supportive of her especially when she shows her fear of heights.
  • The first time that Dylan and Dolly meet Callum and his gang was when they tried to get Diesel out of a dogcatcher's wagon when he caught him in the park, Dolly wanted to be part of his gang, but Callum made it clear that she was too young for it.
  • Anytime that Ivan offers his help, Pearl reminds him that he is not in the army anymore and that this is police bussines, she doesn't stop him when he is helping her, Dolly actually enjoys hearing his stories when she is around him.
  • Donna and Hilda are very good friends of Delilah and Doug and have no problems in watching their puppies when Dylan and Dolly aren't around, they have no problem letting them hang out at the bistro or the hospital and enjoy any of the adventures that both Dylan and Dolly get into.
  • Langston was once mistaken by Dizzy and Dee Dee as a big Dalmatian, it took Delilah to explaing them that he was a Great Dane, he didn't mind a lot and since them he has no problem visiting them and telling them his time during Scotland Yard.
  • Callum tries to avoid bringing Dylan and Dolly in his adventures but anytime that happens, she makes Linka to look after them as he puts a lot of trust on her, she makes it clear to him that both of them has proven that they can handle any problem in front of them and she is very supportive of Dylan's plans and Dolly being someone who takes action, he still thinks is too risky but does thank them anytime they help him.
  • La-Mo makes it clear to any of the puppies that they'll have to answer with her if something happens to Cali when she's not around, most of the time Dylan tells her she doesn't have to worry, she does watch them to make sure everything is fine, but she knows they are to trust with.
  • Cali is a ball of enery that is more interested in spending time with puppies instead with other cats, it surprised Dylan and Dolly but they actually thinks she is very friendly, and she enjoys to hang out with DJ and Da Vinci, she actually loves being part of any the Dalmatians' adventures.
  • Dylan assumed that Amaruq was dangerous because he was a Wolfdog, that until he saw that he makes sure to watch over Dorothy at the park and brought her back safely, it surprise him a lot, he stills makes it clear he wants to be left alone, but he actually enjoys the Dalmatians' company.
  • Velvet makes sure that he always stay calm when he is in town, but she is worried anytime he is with the Dalmatians, as she is afraid that one of them will anger him, Dizzy and Dee Dee doesn't understand why she worrries a lot, so she needs them to calm her down so she doesn't freak out, but she actually thanks for keeping her and Amaruq company.
  • Toby, Nikky, Milo, Laki, Fluffy and Anki, once broke into the Dalmatians' house during a thunder storm out of fear of lightning and hid in Delilah and Doug's room, they were confused at first but after seeing them, they decided to let them sleep for the night, since them they have no problem of caring for them.
  • Dayton is actually related to Roger and Anita he just doesn't know about it yet, but he had found out their diary and some of the songs, he actually enjoys them and would like to know more about them, especially of the life after dealing with Cruella in her failed attempt to make a fur coat of the pets.
  • Dayton was not exactly happy after discovering that Hunter was actually in Camden to capture the Dalmatian family, and kept what happened to himself, but after discovering that Cruella not only never called him in the six months he was trapped but how little she saw in him, he befriended him on the spot.
  • Dayton alongside his friends Nel, Ray, TK and Skylar visit a an old abandoned apartment building where mixed breed dogs lives, respectively a female Goberian, a male Chow Shepherd, a male Schnairedale, a male Frenchton and a male Cheagle, despite being called mongrels by Clarissa, the Dalmatians actually love their company and see them as good friends.
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