SUMMARY: I decided to make more characters for everyone to use, i doing this so everyone can be cheered up, at least until Atomicon arrives.

101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: D-103 by Drake D Hero

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting


Master Thief characters sheets:

Hook - A Barbet, who works as a sea operative for V.I.L.E., he is in charge of taking heist involving ships or any relic found underwater, a greedy dog who seeks to get rich in any way he can.

Thorn - A Scottish Deerhound who is hired by V.I.L.E. who makes sure to find any exotic creature to sell to the highest bidder, he is prefered by Countess Cleo who likes to use him to get her a exotic pet every day.

Axel - A Boerboel, who dedicates his services, to V.I.L.E. working as a guardian for any place that holds any of their shady deals, he is not exactly smart and is easy to trick, still he is a force to take seriously.

Berto - A Xolo who acts as a sidekick anytime V.I.L.E. is involved, he is not bright and tend to follow orders mindlessly, he is considered as a nuisance, but Doctor Bellum doesn't mind having him around.

Butch - A Rotterman who is owned by Maelstrom, he is used by him as muscle in case he needs to take care of intruders, he is savage brute who likes to eliminate anyone who seeks trouble with him, and enjoys the idea of one day capturing Carmen and end her for good.

Gwenivere - A Snowy Owl, who works for ACME, as a spy for them, she seeks any suspicious activity to report, she is absent minded but caring individual who won't stop at nothing to stop any crook.

Rover - A robot dog, made by V.I.L.E. at the beggining for their operative Noir, he was meant to be a weapon to take care of any interloper only to be destroyed and then rebuilt by Ivy to be a pet a now help the Dalmatian family with their chores, he is a multi-function being who is capable of doing several chores in one minute.

Cheshire - A strange, black cat that is wanted by Countess Cleo, his appearance is similar to a Scottish Fold, he is known for having blue eyes and his tail for some reason can turn into several shapes, he is cheerul yet cryptic and seems to enjoy the company of others.

Jamie - A Blue Heeler owned by Gray, he is a very friendly dog but also has a fiery temper, he constanly acts without thinking whe he thinks someone wants to hurt him, however when he realizes he is wrong, is willing to apologize for it.

Eliza - A Bassetoodle, who works for ACME, she is one of most known operatives of the organization, she always acts calm and thinks quick, but there are moments where she is flustered when she is caught off guard.

Maple - A German Shepherd, another member of ACME, he is known to be Eliza's sidekick and is always following her anytime they are on a mission, he is actually quite friendly and has no problem in leaving his missions when it comes to help children.


D-103 characters sheets:

Billy - A Boxador puppy who lives under a doorstep from an abandoned restaurant, he is a bully who scares others and takes anything they drop, however he is also insecure who is afraid of others and is actually looking for affection, despite his attitude he is actually caring and friendly to some.

Castor - A Green Macaw who lives in a house near 101 Dalmatian Street, chatty and sometimes forgetful, he seems to enjoy spending his time flying through Camden and likes to have conversations in the park with any dog he encounters.

Elanore - A Bison who lives in a farm with sheep and is under the care of a Great Pyreness named Scott who is calm but reckless, she is a really calm bovine who seems curious about outsiders and has no problem tending to others' issues, however she also has her limits and tends to feel angry when someone insults her.

Blot, Smokey, Chip and Polka - Dylan and Dolly's three uncles and aunt, they act as a goofy gang for the puppies, Blot being a no-nonsense who seeks adventure, Smokey his sidekick who wants to be a hero on his own merit, Chip a lazy but friendly dog who tends to sleep a lot and Polka a snarky but calm dog who likes to spend time with her nieces and nephews.

Mira - An Arctic Fox who hangs out with a Maned Wolf, a Dhole and a Raccoon Dog, she and her gang tend to raid any store that has food at night, yet still she doesn't mind letting a stray take some of the grub she stole.

Waldo and Elsie- Two elderly English Setter and English Springer Spaniel who used to take care of Delilah back when she was a puppy, they are the closest thing that Delilah had to actual parents and now what her puppies has to grandparents, Waldo is strict but is willing to listen to others' plight, while Elsie is caring and funny toward the young.


Ask/RP Blogs OCs that i like:

Magnolia - A tired old Birman cat who gets around via trolley. Wise and gentle, she’s the only member who isn’t a dog, and is also able to get along with every other member. Gives good advice. Despite being a cat she constanly bickers with Constantin and would prefer that Deepak found a better idol to follow, she also is good friends with the dalmatians despite being a cat.

Louis - A strong, silent Great Dane. He’s used as an intimidation factor, but in reality, he’s a big softie who wouldn’t hurt a fly. Carries the smaller members on his back sometime. Loves puppies and just wants to be a big brother to them all. He is seen as a gentle giant by many puppies who hang out with him, despite several adults running away when he tries to talk.

Silkie - The dreamy and ditsy Saluki denmother of the Heap. Despite living in the trash, she sees the beauty in just about everything and tries to get the others to as well. She’s hard to upset and claims to be able to talk to crystals. However she also suffers from dark days, making her hang out with Portia. Still she is indeed a really good friend willing to spend time with the Dalmatian family in the misadventures.

Lottie - A stray Papillón, part of a rough little group call the Trash Heap. All of them are strays who live at the dump. She's a mechanical genius who's inventions are key in keeping the group running. An expert at putting things together from trash and odd bits. Generally takes things very seriously and has no time for fun unless Princess Positron is involved, or judging the creations of others. Lottie considers Dawkins her greatest enemy and biggest competition, and as such, pops in whenever she can jab at his intelligence. Despite this she is a really good friend to the Dalmatian family and enjoys hanging out with them.

Beau - Self-proclaimed second in command of the Heap. A shaggy Hovawart who just wants to live the good life and have others work for him. Good at talking around others. He is best friends with Hansel and the Dimitris, despite that the most dogs in Camden and the Dalmatian family hate him. Still he is willing to be part of something, just as long he gets benefits from it.

Callie- A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel puppy who suffers from severe anxiety. She never liked it when her human took her to the park because she'd instantly panic around other animals and humans. She's typically more content to stay at home and play relaxing video games in her bed while listening to Lo-fi music. She became fast friends with Deepak after he calmed her down during a panic attack in the park one day. Since then, he's been working with her to help her overcome her anxiety. She has a huge crush on Deepak, but is too nervous to say anything to him about it.

Shanti - A Shiba Inu who is a Guru Miaow devotee. She's around the same age as Dolly and Dylan and befriended them shortly after moving to Camden. She's in a constant state of zenlike bliss, speaks in a quiet, soothing voice, and always appears calm and sleepy. She's a friendly and very kind soul, but sometimes she gets lost in the present moment and dazes out. Her human was a yoga teacher in Tokyo before they both moved to London. Likewise to Constantin, she acts as a guardian/guru figure to Deepak, and they often meditate and study the Wow of Miaow together. She's a firm believer that cats and dogs should set their differences and live in harmony as friends, which is something of a controversial opinion among modern-day Miaowists.

Blanca - A Samoyed who moved to London. She's an energetic dog with a pure and innocent heart, but she is not so street smart. She is rich and lives in a giant mansion, but she always tries to hide that and befriend everyone she meets. Despite working for a fancy dog magazine, she enjoys playing roughousing with others, and has no problem in spending time with dalmatians.

Charles - A White Shepherd with a strong ego. He has pride in his carrer as a ROK SWC dog and constanly brags about it to anyone. He is a childhood friend of Blanca in Korea and secretly adores her, but his proudful attitude disgust her. Still he stays loyal to her, and protects anytime he senses she is in trouble.

Cinders - A black Tibetan Mastiff, when he was a pup, he was left in the middle of the woods by his master cause he was to much for him to handle mentally. Years later, rumor has it that there is a ghostly dog shaped beast roaming the British woods every once in a while, folks called it "The Black Shuck". One day, Dolly and Dylan first meet the ghost face to face when they are looking for Dorothy when she gets lost in the woods while they were in a camping trip with the rest of the family. Turns out, Cinders is just a lost, gentle giant this entire time. He still lives in the woods with his other friends, but was hoping to find another master he can claim one day.


Master Thief Headcannons:

  • Diana is always in the company of four cats who fight for her all time, as she doesn't like getting her fur dirty.
  • If Doug and Delilah found out that Carmen if indeed a master thief, they would freak out at first but later see she is someone to trust.
  • Dylan and Dolly tend to be skeptic of ACME due of the Chief's intentions, but they actually warm up to Pip, Fuzzy and Corissa.
  • Most of the time Dylan and Dawkins feel exasperated by Zack's lack of tact and absent mind, but they know he is part of the team.
  • Dolly was the only one who was not afraid of dealing with Shadowsan and his pet Yukon, through this didn't meant she was on board with the idea of fighting her.
  • Dylan makes it clear that he is not fond of doing heist in the name of the law, but he always drags himself because of Dolly or any of the puppies who convinces him to act.
  • Dylan and Dawkins once hacked V.I.L.E. headquarters just to messed with them, Dolly and the other puppies join later just to laugh at the faculty's expense.
  • Countess Cleo find preposturous that a Dalmatian was able to best one of V.I.L.E. is most trusted pets in a contest, she basically want to capture Dolly to find out why, instead of accepting that she just play fair.
  • Carmen finds weird that a bunch of dogs are actually willing to help her during a heist, she doesn't mind the help actually.
  • Devineaux being attacked by the Dimitris is a sour spot for him, mostly in how both the Chief and Julia laugh about it.


D-103 Headcannons:

  • Dolly might have some issues with Dayton living with them, but she does warm up to him with time.
  • The Canal Crew does get some members with time, Snuffy a rabbit, Evelyn a mink, Mimon a bat, a mole-rat, a short-tailed opossum, a lesser hedgehog, a nine-banded armadillo and a tiger salamander.
  • Dekker finds kind of annoying in how Dylan's head over heels for Portia, even despite she makes it very clear that she has no interest for him and thinks he is pathetic, he is trying to stop him from being blind.
  • Billy has trouble in socialising with others, mostly as he is not used in being around crowds, still Deja Vu wants to help him to open up to others.
  • Castor is indeed a friendly macaw, the problem is that he's a total chatterbox, mostly as he tends to distract himself and jumps to another subject during a chat.
  • Dayton finds kind of weird that someone like Cruella still breathes despite of years of smoking, still he thinks she is creppy for how she behaves.
  • The Dalmatian family doesn't know that there is actually a descedant of Roger and Anita, a lady who has a family of a husband and five kids, as there has been no need to find them for a long time.
  • Dylan has a hard time to trust Elanore, mostly from his experience in Cornwall, but after seeing she is actually nice deep down, he befriends her.
  • Mira and her gang tends to clash a lot with The Canal Crew, mostly in how the latter tend to take advantage of others for food, while the former actually has no problem in helping them from time to time.
  • Dylan and Dolly were surprised to find out that their mom has four siblings, by mostly the fact that she was actually raised by an English Setter and Springer Spaniel, but they still treat them as part of the family.
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