SUMMARY: I wanted to make a movie idea for both shows, as i think it might be awesome to expand a bit of the both of them, this was inspired by To Steal or Not to Steal.

101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting


Dylan and Dolly recall their previous adventures with both Crystal and Carmen with the puppies only the be interrupted by a call from Brain who tells them to meet with Crystal in a rooftop at night.

The dalmatian siblings go there where they meet Crystal with Carmen alongside a new companion another cat burglar called Noir who has for companion a robot dog named Rover, he needs help from Carmen and her team as it turns out that V.I.L.E. is planning to use an army of robot dogs to take over Camden, so they need to take any leads to stop them in time.

They first go to the port who is in charge of a operative named Sylas Nautic and his Barbet dog Hook, who wants to blow up an ancient underwater temple who has several rearserchers inside so they can claim a bunch of Atlantean relics to sell.

Dylan and Dolly help Crystal infiltrate the ship where they meet a an Arctic Fox and her companions, a otter and a parrot, who aid them in taking down Hook and sent the ship drowing leading to port authorities to arrest them.

Their next target is a businessman named Damian Luthor who is in charge of a demolition company who is trying to pull a real state scam to destroy the land to build an oil rig while evicting the current owners of the land.

The dalmatian siblings help them, with the help of ACME operatives Pip, Fuzzy and Corissa, together they are able to put his plan down and defeat his Alaskan Malamute dog Smith, still Pip tells them to keep in contact with him just in case.

Their third target takes place in the artic, where a hunter known as Artemas Sturm and his Scottish Deerhound Thorn, seek to hunt a polar bear cub for an auction made by Countess Cleo to sell to the highest bidder.

There by chance they end up meeting with Shadowsan's pet Yukon who alongside her pack help them put a stop to Artamas and put him jail for his crimes, but not before they deliver Dorothy back to them as they were protecting her during their absence.

After finding that the one in charge is a high ranking V.I.L.E. operative named Selma Taquión, who is in charge of an amusement park who has robotic animals who plans to trick anyone in Camden to buy her robot dogs to later attack them and force them to sell all propierties of Camden to V.I.L.E.

The Dalmatian family alongside their friends are able to stop her and her robot dog who looks similar to The Hound of the Baskervilles putting an end to her plans.

Unfortunaly is discovered that in reality Noir is also a V.I.L.E. operative who is been using Carmen to steal what he was looking for, the entire Dalmatian family who are actually who Countess Cleo is plannig to sell in the auction.

Dylan, Dolly and the siblings who weren't captured get the help from Julia, alongside Pip, Fuzzy and Corissa who are able to arrest Noir, but they decide to rebuilt Rover to be good instead of evil, making him a companion of the Dalmatian family.

The Dalmatian family celebrate and they bid goodbye to Crystal and Team Carmen wishing them good luck.

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