SUMMARY: I decided to make another one, enjoy it.

101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: D-103 by Drake D Hero

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting


1- Yukon and her pack tend to be very wary of Camden, as they know of their status as wolves, they'll attract the attention of police men who will take them to a pound, still they are willing to do it just to help in a caper of Team Carmen, or spend some time with Crytal or the Dalmatians, mostly with some of the Dalmatian pups, who actually enjoy being around them, as they don't see the problem of hanging out with wolves.

2- Dekker at the beggining acts like his life with Dalmatian family is going to be boring with dealing the mischief of the Dalmatian family, only to discover not only of the fact that Dylan's mother Delilah is descendant of Perdita, who is a famous legend of the World Wide Woof, but the fact that the story is true, so he starts to bond with them, and helps them fight Cruella when she returns.

3- Crystal has been with Carmen since she was a kitten, and has been trained by her to the point she is capable of helping her during heist, it came that she is capable of doing capers on her own with the help of Player's hamster Brain, and has become notorious to some of V.I.L.E.'s pets.

4- Callum and his gang are former laboratory dogs who were used in test for products from De Vil Industries, developing a grudge against humans, they still have some scars from their past, despite this they still aid other dogs so they can't end up like them, earning the gratitude of the Dalmatian family.

5- Dayton and his friends Nel, Ray, TK and Skylar use their time after school to hang out with the Dalmatian family, as they enjoy their adventures, mostly in how crazy they can get, they also become friends of Hunter after seeing that he is indeed nice.

6- Shadowsan send Yukon and her pack to explore Camden when he heard that Team Carmen was hiding there, the Dalmatian family was force to flee with a knock out Carmen and used the escape hole that Diesel made, too bad it turns out that they were actually expecting them outside of the woods, only to show that they are actually friendly and were pretending to be evil to get V.I.L.E. off their backs, they also have some normal dogs as part of their group, like Sheep dogs and Sled dogs.

7- Dolly and Dylan have a hard time explaining to their parents about what Carmen does, mostly in how they see Carmen as a criminal, despite this they end up warming up to Carmen, specially after learning of her backstory, so they become friends of her.

8- Dylan, Dolly have problems trusting ACME, mostly in how the Chief and her agents always try to hunt Carmen down, however that didn't stop to ask some of their pets for help, while they have some doubts in why they want her, they still can accept their help and aid them in taking down some of the agents of V.I.L.E., and leave anything of value in their hands.

9- Amaruq is not the only wolf hybrid living in Camden, there is a Coywolf who scares others to scavenge food for himself, unlike Amaruq he dislikes house pets and attacks them, he have become his rival.

10- Jamie is friend with a Dingo–dog hybrid, they both like to hang out and cause mischief when they can.

11- Sam is interested in participating in an sled race, but he doesn't have a lot of confidence and has problems in leading a team, so he's unsure in doing it.

12- Galina enjoys some of Dolly' misadventures, despite Dylan being reluctant about it, mostly because she finds funny mocking Clarissa most of the time.

13- Anki doesn't like going outside due to being part wolf, still Doug and Delilah have no problem in reassuring her that she shouldn't be a afraid and enjoy hanging out with her friends.

14- Dayton is close to a newcomer to his school, a ballerina who loves to dance, despite being shy, he enjoys helping her and comes to see her training at school.

15- Dekker finds funny that someone like Dylan enjoys Poodlewolf, and he thinks that Role-playing games are boring, as he prefers videogames that involve horror and action.

16- Some of the puppies doesn't seem to have problems with hanging out alongside ACME's agents, as they see their pets funny, they consider Julia as a close friend.

17- Pearl have issues dealing with Devineaux, mostly due to his brash and reckless actions, despite this, she has shown concern for his safety, and admits that she admires his determination to catch Carmen.

18- To Dalmatian family enjoy helping Carmen mostly aiding her in stoping V.I.L.E. from doing crimes, and because they get to explore the world and meet new people.

19- Some of the dalmatian puppies like to hang out with Yukon's pack, as they get to play with some of their pups.

20- Some of the information about Pongo and Perdita's life after the events of the film remains but is well hidden.

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