SUMMARY: I made these snippets, to celebrate that 101 Dalmatian Street is now popular thanks to Disney+ as according to Twitter, so i think that the Disney Infinite Loops should make 101 Dalmatian Street part of the loops, so if anyone have an account or can contact them, please do it for the show.

101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: D-103 by Drake D Hero

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting



Dylan and Dolly woke up when they heard the birds singing. Last thing they remembered was defeating Cruella De Vil and finally taking a nap at home, free of all worries, only to realize that there was something wrong. Basically, this morning Dylan starting the cleaning again, only to realize that something was out of place, basically that Dolly almost crashed at her mother again, only to miss her this time and up crashing at the door, thankfully she was okay, then his dad came covered in soot, it was strange, but the cherry on top was when Dizzy and Dee Dee came home.

“Dolly are you seeing to same thing as I do.” Dylan said as he let a cold sweat cross his body. “You mean Dizzy and Dee Dee bringing Mr. Fuzzy home, even despite we match him up with that clerk, yes.” Dolly replied also feeling a chill through her body. They didn’t know what was going on, as far as they knew, they traveled through time for some reason.


“Come back here, you Ruff Raff!” Dolly panted as she ran across the lawn. Dylan had split off, according to their plan. The look on her face was going to be fantastic. It had taken them several time Loops to accept what was basically their current situation. The fact that their lives were restarting. Sadly enough nothing was carried over other than their memories. She abruptly stop, nearly tumbling head over heels forward. “Finally I found you!” With a snap, a net fall above her. Clarissa yelped as she was captured and then a balloon came to take her away and Dolly giggled. It was worth it for the look on her face. “Sorry Clarissa, but I don’t think you can’t catch while you are afloat.” Time loops were the best. Now how they were going to explain this to Pearl?


“That’s it, I can’t understand this.” Dylan said, as he slumped in his bed, he simply couldn’t understand what was going on, but Dolly simply couldn’t stand doing nothing, but she needed a plan but, what to do?

“Maybe we should ask her for help.” She said as she stared at her brother with a look of determination. “Yes because I think she is not like the original, come on Dolly, how can we trust someone like her?” Dylan said with a cynical tone in his voice, Dolly on the other hand she was going to do it.

“Come on, don’t be a downer, this could be fun.” True, this variation of Carmen Sandiego looked friendly, but still, it was strange to just accept her help, even if it was from her Siamese cat Crystal.


“What. Just. What.” Delilah said, struggling to comprehend.

When she brought her son and daughter Dylan and Dolly with her husband Doug, she wasn’t expecting both of her children to admit they know about Cruella De Vil, the two of them told her how the history of her great-great grandpa and granny is a huge famous legend in the World Wide Woof, while that was true, she expected that with time for details to disappear not the true story.

It took her and her husband off balance, but still the two had to accept that their children were able to handle a De Vil. While Delilah and Doug were still having doubts, they had seen how their children not only knew every detail of her ancestors legend, but how they were prepared for everything. She was still confused over how there were still dogs who knew about the true story, but they were at least ready for Cruella De Vil.


“Well, this is new” Dolly said as she watched how basically her entire family was now living in a huge mansion, that for some reason was owned by a duck going by the name Scrooge McDuck.

While she was still trying to get used over the fact that, basically half of her family used to be owned by humans, this time it was not bad, being the pets of a rich person meant she could mock Clarissa, something she could not waste. However, what was she was not expecting, was that Scrooge’s nephews Huey, Louie and Dewey alongside their friend Webby were not only able to understand Dog, but what Dylan and her were going thought.

“Have you guys been going back in time?” Dylan and Dolly nodded mutely. “Alright welcome to the multiverse. Now where is the video Uncle Donald asked to show in case of newcomers?…”


Dolly giggled wickedly as she entered her subspace pocket. Pulling out a blueprint, she carefully began to help Dylan in his new invention. Spending time with Carmen Sandiego and Scrooge McDuck had given them an entire new way of living life with the multiverse along with the whole Yggdrasil business. It kind of sucked to be the new guys but there were so many things to do. Dylan was still getting cold feet, but hey science can be crazy awesome, even if something didn’t work exactly.

Looks like they were going to dealt with Cruella in several funny ways. Hours later, the entire Dalmatian family were indeed having the time of their life as Cruella was basically now their servant, literally owning most of the corporation she had made over the years, guess who is going to enjoy being rich, hypnosis was indeed the best.


Well, they didn’t entirely owned it, they did have to deal with Hunter, mostly that it was their fault of keeping him locked for six months in a container, so it was decided with their parents, that Hunter was now considered part of their family, who says that they couldn’t be friends with a De Vil. It was going to be hard, knowing that now he owned her corporation, but a little help from them, won’t hurt anybody, just that the public doesn’t need to know.


Dylan was trying not to laugh this time. In this loop, they have a landlord of the name Dayton Walker who owned a white German Shepherd name Dekker, who obviously have a rivalry with Dolly. If it had been a dream, he didn't want to wake up. While weird to meet another human who couldn’t understand Dog, it was good that basically the owner of their house and by extension his family, was overall a nice guy.

“So Dayton, what do you think of Hunter?” He put on a neutral expression and look up to him. He was expecting his answer alongside Dolly, while at the beginning they were at each other throats due of being related respectively to Roger, Anita and Cruella.

“I think that Dekker might have some trouble with him, but I don’t think is fair to leave him alone.” He said while looking at Hunter who was now being hugged by most of Dylan’s siblings. He could see that he needed a family, and it wouldn’t hurt having him as a younger brother. “Are you sure Day, he still does act like a dog, can your folks trust him?” Dekker asked worried.


Sure rebuilding the house was hard, mostly thanks to Cruella’s rampage, but it was worth it at the end, it was like everything was in place once more. Dayton’s parents and little sister were actually really nice to Hunter, despite that in the past their ancestors weren’t exactly friendly to each other, they didn’t care, and for them Hunter needed a family. Even Dekker who came to like him despite their rocky start.

While when it came to him personally, he actually sleeped as a log that night, guess being terrified for the pets you came to see as a second family gets your blood pumping. Thankfully his friends and the Dalmatians were there to support him; it was great knowing they had his back.

Thought he had to admit that being in the news about what happened wasn’t exactly how he wanted to start his day, but being popular for basically stopping an attempted murderer who owned a corporation, were indeed to make headlines. But as far as Dolly and Dylan knew, they were glad that things were back to normal.


This time, it was obvious that Dylan was being a worrywart, but Dolly couldn’t blame him at what was going with their family.

Deepak was adopted by an owner that needed some therapy animals for his daughter, she owned already a Himalayan cat who was mother to a kitten that surprisingly enjoyed his company, she and Deepak were like siblings.

Dizzy and Dee Dee were now the pets of a retired army veteran of the Russian army, who owned a Russian Spaniel and a Moscow Watchdog, the both of them were like parents to them.

The Dimitri trio were now pets of a hoodlum who enjoy to make graffiti but who was actually a really great student, he was actually hiding the graffiti part as he was his true self during the night, they actually enjoyed the company of his Irish Wolfhound and Kuvasz mate, for parents they were firm but loving at the same time.

And most surprisingly was that Dorothy was now part of a litter of five puppies made by a Spanish Greyhound and a Beagle who treat her as one of their own, it was not exactly what they were expecting but it was better than nothing.

They also had now some sort of grandpa too, an old Great Dane who despite his lack of vision and smell is indeed kind and noble towards them, and also a grandma who is a Newfoundland, who loves spending time with them.

But the most shocking thing was that their parents actually took twelve puppies of different breeds of dogs, as they have no place to live, due that their shelter closed by lack of money.

Seems for the two of them, there was indeed family you are born into and family that you make for yourselves.

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