SUMMARY: I decided to make more snippets and hope that at least someone likes the idea to use it and make more of them, three are sequels of three i made and there is one that i think it would be funny.

101 Dalmatian Street by Disney, Atomic Cartoons and Passion Animation Studios

Carmen Sandiego by Broderbund, HMH Productions and DHX Media

101 Dalmatian Street: D-103 by Drake D Hero

101 Dalmatian Street: The Master Thief by ploting



“So what do you guys think?” Dayton said, as he stand in there, expecting an answer from the several dogs that were in front of him, behind a him a certain kid that was staring at them concerned, what were they thinking?

“I don't know Day, i'm pretty sure that they will want him out.” Dekker said, with a cynical tone, obviously going with the realism. “Look guys, i know that he we started as enemies, but after what he did, can you forgive him?” Dayton asked them again, it was a slim chance, but he was still gonna risk it.

“Well, he did save Dorothy from his great-aunt Cruella, so he might visit us if he wants.” Delilah said to the content of Hunter, and in secret Dylan and Dolly, they were glad that he wasn't getting kick out or bitten, for them he deserved a break.


“So after leaving, Crystal left me this tablet filled with several info snips of some pets from V.I.L.E.” Dawkins said, as some of his siblings looked alongside Dylan and Dolly, another time loop with Carmen Sandiego once more, only that this time Dolly told some of the sibling despite Dylan and Dawkins making it clear that it was a bad idea, but Dylan had to agree in secret that it wouldn't be bad to inform them knowing of V.I.L.E. is next attempt in leaving a dog shelter bankrupt to make up for losses.

“So this is Gore, who belongs to Professor Maelstrom, basically just as insane as he is.” Said Dawkins as a picture of Norwegian Elkhound was shown, depicting the black scarred mutt with a grin look on his face, making several of the pups to cower in fear of him. “Good grief, it doesn't matter if i looked him in a picture, he still gives me the creeps.” Said Dylan while looking at the picture of Gore.

“Here is Duke, Countless Cleo's Saluki, she could be make Clarissa looked like a bootlicker.” Dawkins said as a picture of Duke was shown, which depicted the gold colored dog who was giving a look that told "I'm more important than you". “Geez, no kidding there, seriously it like she thinks that she is better that those royal corgis.” Dolly said without hiding her anger towards the Saluki, obviously seeing the mutt more of an enemy than she did with Clarissa.

“Here is Igor, the Tibetan Mastiff of Doctor Bellum.” Showing this time a picture of a really dumb looking dog, who obviously was more of a sidekick than a partner, much more like the type of dog you see helping in a lab.

“And finally here is Brutus, the pet of Coach Brunt” And the moment the picture came it made every puppy to hide, as it shown a mollosus American Mastiff, who screamed that he ate puppies for breakfast. It was enough to make Dylan, Dolly and Dawkins to sweat in fear. “Okay, i'm the only one who wants to know, how did she get her hands on one of them?” Dylan asked, as he still couldn't believe what his eyes were seeing, how exactly a dog get this size?


“Wow, i'm was not expecting this.” Dolly said, as she stared at her mom and dad, who were on their bed, with twelve puppies who were not exactly Dalmatians to be frank, were did they get them?

“I know what you are thinking, we saw them on the street alone and we couldn't leave them.” Said Delilah while cooing one the pups in front of her. “Yes i know that they might need to get used to the house, but at least can you tell the pups tomorrow?” Said Doug while cuddling with three of the puppies.

“Well, i guess they can wait.” She left, as she saw how her parents, were snoozing with a German Shepherd, a Cockapoo, a Beagle and a Golden Labrador.


“This must be a dream.” Clarissa said, as she was struggling to comprehend.

When she heard that Dolly had something to said in front of her, she was expecting her usual round of insults, which most of the time ignored, as she didn't have time for that.

What she wasn't expecting, was seeing the entire Dalmatian family in a cruise ship, who literally belonged to a billonaire, where Dolly was expecting to show with a look that said "I'm now more richer than you". Dolly knew that of course she was going to get tired of doing this, but for now she was going to enjoy it.

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